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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Is a Global Problem of Monumental Importance

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Kidney disease is very common globally. It is estimated that 400 to 600 million adults worldwide have chronic kidney disease according to the International Federation of Kidney Foundations. With more than 5 percent of the adult population having some sort of kidney damage, millions die annually as a result of cardiovascular disease linked to Chronic Kidney Disease.

The common predisposing factors leading to CKD are the following:

  • poorly controlled diabetes
  • poorly controlled hypertension
  • inflammatory diseases of the kidney (i.e., glomerulonephritis, etc)
  • polycystic kidney disease
  • reflux nephropathy
  • kidney stones
  • prostate disease
  • congenital disease
  • urinary tract infections
  • drugs

CKD develops over months and years. In its early stages it is silent but can be detected by simple laboratory tests performed on samples of blood (serum creatinine to estimate glomerular filtration rate) and urine (urinary albumin to creatinine ratio as a marker of kidney damage).
In its later stages, the following are symptoms of outright kidney failure that may present themselves:

  • lethargy
  • weakness
  • shortness of breath
  • generalized swelling
  • anemia
  • loss of appetite
  • hypertension
  • hypocalcemia
  • hypokalemia
  • metabolic acidosis
  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • encephalopathy
  • coma
  • pericarditis
  • congestive heart failure

The first consequence of undetected Chronic Kidney Disease is progressive loss of kidney function leading to kidney failure and the unfortunate need of dialysis or a kidney transplantation to stay alive. The second consequence is premature death from cardiovascular disease associated with CKD. Therefore, it is important to note that most forms of kidney disease are treatable and that its progression may be curtailed if detected early and proper treatment administered. The Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) Controversies Conference on "Chronic Kidney Disease: Definition, Classification and Prognosis" held in London in 2009 was a historic meeting. According to Dr. Levey, there was a "paradigm shift about the basic perspectives on CKD- from kidney failure as a life-threatening illness to earlier stages of kidney disease as a target for prevention, detection, evaluation and management." World Kidney Day in 2009 focused on hypertension as one of the key symptoms and causes of CKD and its March 11, 2010 World Kidney Day highlighted diabetes as the most common cause of kidney failure. These events, campaigns and international organizations are making significant strides in making people and practitioners aware of the importance of our kidneys and the need to focus on the detection and correction of their underlying problems before it is too late.

The Alleged Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease Are Actually Symptoms of Other Undetected Medical Problems

The medical profession globally tends to take a symptomatic approach to treatment in most cases of chronic disease. That is why chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and chronic kidney diseases are now the leading public threat to health budgets worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, 72% of the total global burden of disease in people over 30 years of age is due to chronic disease. The WHO recommends a goal of reducing death rates related to chronic disease in the world by 2% yearly over the next decade. That is simply not going to happen until the medical profession begins to understand what is actually causing these chronic illnesses and fix these factors. An unfortunate consequence of the profession's symptomatic treatment approach is that the drugs used not only ignore the underlying issues at hand, but cause direct damage to the patient. Drugs are one of the causes of kidney damage and can cause damage to a lot of other organs and tissues as the practitioner guesses at treatment. The profession must come to an understanding and open mindedness that such chronic illnesses as hypertension and diabetes have underlying causes that symptomatic treatment completely ignores. This subsequently allows the disease to progress in its chronicity. Moreover, it does not appear that the pharmaceutical industry is very inclined to find cures for these chronic illnesses for fear of negative impact to their bottom line. A paradigm shift is required in this approach or the WHO's goal of a 2% reduction in death rates due to chronic illness will never be realized.

Radical New Technology Guarantees to Restore Renal Health and Prevent Need For Dialysis or Transplantation!

ZAG, the private humanitarian medical research group that employs QuantumMAN™, has made a large number of medical discoveries over the past several decades in its quiet research, development and testing of a quantum medical treatment system. It deliberately has not published its findings as the medical profession's lack of understanding of quantum physics makes its comprehension subject to it being argumentative. Instead ZAG has chosen QuantumMAN™ and the global web to introduce its discoveries to the public and let the public decide on the merits of the technology without financial or medical risk.

One very important product QuantumMAN™ brings forth on behalf of the medical research group is RenalRenew™. This is another QuantumXtreme™ medicine that consists Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) that may be accessed via your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. Accessing the PAKs™ allow your brain to quantumly receive (upload) RenalRenew™'s master programs. QuantumMAN™ is the personification of this quantum data which provides physiologic directives that program the brain to correct the multitude of underlying medical issues within the numerous realms of the body responsible for the person's kidney failure. Each PAK™ dosed has 10 days duration of action due to repeater programs embedded in RenalRenew™'s data with its programs automatically repeated several times a day. So effective is RenalRenew™ that QuantumMAN™ absolutely guarantees your satisfaction with its results for 30 days after purchase or your money is refunded.

The entire universe including the human body and maladies that afflict it operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Chemical based based treatment systems do not operate according to those princicples and, as such, are not compatible with human physiology as evidenced by their toxicity. Quantum medical problems require a quantum solution not primitive pharmaceutical chemicals with only a symptomatic target approach. QuantumMAN™'s RenalRenew™ reprograms the brain to specifically correct every possible known error running in the quantum realms within the body to restore the kidneys to their optimum functioning possible. The kidneys have a tremendous ability to regenerate their damaged tissues once the underlying disease causing factors are properly addressed. Click here to review a monumental case of Prenatal Polycystic Kidney Disease successfully treated soley with QuantumXtreme™ medicines. Depending on the damage sustained, kidneys may be only able to regenerate to a certain degree. Even Stage 5 kidney failure patients can see enough recovery as to never require transplantation or barbaric dialysis by using RenalRenew™! In otherwords, it is never too late to use RenalRenew™ to rehabilitate and restore your kidney functioning sufficiently to either wean off dialysis or, better yet, prevent further kidney deterioration so you do not require transplantation or dialysis in the first place. Chronic kidney disease IS reversible when the underlying root causes are treated correctly.

The following are further advantages using RenalRenew™:

  • highly efficacious
  • works on a quantum level within the multiple realms of the body
  • compatible with human physiology
  • safe for all ages
  • safe for pregnant women and the unborn fetus
  • no possibility of any adverse side-effects
  • repeater programming ensures consistent potency and duration of action
  • cost effective: fraction of the cost of monthly dialysis
  • guaranteed satisfaction
  • compatible with all medical conditions
  • clinically tested and proven

For a complete list of the benefits of QuantumXtreme™ medicines in general, click here.

QuantumMAN™'s RenalRenew™ consists of a 30 day set of 3 PAKs™ with each PAK™ uploaded every 10 days dosing monthly for as long as required for the management of your Chronic Kidney Disease.

Don't delay! Your renal recovery from Chronic Kidney Disease is just a download away!

Order now: QuantumMAN™'s RenalRenew™ downloads: $299 USD per set of 3 PAKs™ (each dose has a 10-day duration of action automatically repeating its programs several times daily during each of the 10 days).

Dialysis Patients: RenalRenew™ is capable of restoring significant kidney function to be able to be weaned off dialysis.  As treatment progresses, the kidneys gradually rehabilitate themselves.  Notify your doctor of your intent to begin RenalRenew™ therapy and your desire that  he/she should monitor your renal response to treatment and gradually withdraw any medications as you wean off dialysis.  The average compliant dialysis patient will require 4-6 months of RenalRenew™ to wean off dialysis entirely.

NOTICE: Due to interference factors and/or extenuating circumstances such as non-compliance, prescription medications, inappropriate lifestyle, incompetent immune system, etc., you may require a second course of treatment to achieve the desired results.

Important! While using RenalRenew™, it is highly recommended that you discontinue any drugs that you are taking that:

  • modulate the immune system.
  • has one or more side-effects that match the symptom(s) you are suffering from.
  • has a side-effect name that ends in "itis".
  • has a side-effect of causing an infection.
  • has a side-effect that worsens kidney function (elevation of BUN, Creatine, etc.).
  • has a side-effect of causing swelling, fluid retention or edema.

Consult your pharmacist or drug insert and discuss with your physician the above recommendations. (These drugs are likely contributing to your condition and/or may hinder your recovery.)

Important! If you are on blood pressure medication, then monitor your blood pressure closely. Because the cause of your blood pressure elevation and your kidney disease are related, RenalRenew™ will tend to correct your blood pressure as well often negating your need for your blood pressure medicine in the future. Therefore taper off your blood pressure medication as you see your pressure dropping with treatment.

Peritoneal Dialysis warning:

In general, peritoneal dialysis is strongly discouraged due to its use of glucose as a primary osmotic agent as it may lead to peritonitis, the decline of kidney and peritoneal membrane functions as well as other negative health consequences. It is highly recommended that persons using peritoneal dialysis urge their doctor to switch them to hemodialysis instead.


(30 day supply - 3 doses)

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$299 USD

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Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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