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A Clinical Trial of QVet™ Quantum Veterinarian Download


To test the efficacy of the product "QVet™" download consisting of a "Portal Access Key™" (PAK™). The Portal Access Key™ unlocks a quantum portal linked to bioinformation that is then allowed to flow from ZAG's quantum computer via quantum teleportation directly to the neural network of the subject's brain. The data programs the brain to mobilize the immune system to treat any pathogenic infection that may exist in that animal. QVet™ download is a quantum broad spectrum antimicrobial for veterinarian use. It's coverage includes most pathogenic bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses. One download provides 30 days coverage due to its repeater programming.




A horse named "Lai" (mare)


Dr . L.

Pre-test Background:

An owner of a horse called the above physician to report that her horse had developed some sort of infection in its upper respiratory system. The owner stated that her horse was sneezing with expulsion of yellow thick mucous ("snot") along with a cough. Other horses in the same pasture had also developed similar symptoms. The resident veterinarian said that these horses were all suffering from a bacteria infection afflicting many horses in the vicinity.


Kinesiology confirmed that the owner's horse had a bacterial infection and the owner was requesting to use QVet™ due to her successful experience with other QuantumXtreme™ medicines within her family for different medical issues. The owner was sent 3 doses (3 PAKs™) of QVet™ sent to her computer. She was instructed to click on the PAKs™ and confirm their upload each time after first touching her horse. The data passes through the owner's body directly to the horse like an electrical ground. The owner was called upon 1 week later for results. The owner reported that her horse seem to recover very quickly The owner stated that her horse's sinuses cleared in just 3 days with the cough ending in 1 week. She noted that the other horses of different owners in the same pasture treated by the veterinarian with traditional antibiotics (injections, powders, etc) had not recovered nearly as fast. In fact they were still symptomatic at the time this report was being made.


It is the opinion of the above referenced physician that the QVet™ downloads proved to be completely efficacious in clearing the respiratory infection of the subject horse.

Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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Parasites, Bacteria, Infections, Viruses, Fungus