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A Case of Methamphetamine Addiction


To test the efficacy of uploading bioinformation programs to a methamphetamine addict's brain to rapidly reverse the addict's addiction to methamphetamine. data transfer occurs between ZAG's quantum computer and the neural network of the patient's brain. The product being tested is a methamphetamine vaccine download with the claim of being able to rapidly reverse an addict's addiction to methamphetamine.




A 17 year old male

Examining physician:

Dr. T

Pre-Test Examination:

This particular patient has an extensive history methamphetamine use and other recreational drugs including marijuana. This patient has a three year old son removed by the courts to the care of his parents because he lacked responsible care of his off-spring. His girlfriend is a meth dealer. His parents approached Dr. T. for assistance with their son's serious meth addiction as nothing else has helped. He is reportedly "often gone from their house for extended periods because of his drug usage."


Dr. T. provided the subject's parents a Methamphetamine Addiction Reversal Set of Downloads consisting of 30 PAK™ downloads within the set. Subject's parents were given instructions as to the administration of the downloads (vaccine) to their son according to a set schedule. The first step was the uploading of one PAK™ (Portal Access Key™) download daily x 3 consecutive days. Then they were instructed for step two that their son upload one PAK™ every 10 days thereinafter for 9 months. His parents reportedly found their son, at first, reluctant to try the downloads and skeptical of their ability to work. Nevertheless, with encouragement, they were eventually successful in uploading the data to their son as directed.


After 30 days had passed, subject's parents visited Dr. T. to report the progress with their son. The following are their own words about the results of using this set of programs:

"It's a miracle! We have our son back! He is back to being the son they knew...loving, caring and planning for his future..talking of going into the service. He acts like he doesn't care about drugs. It's unbelievable!"


It is the opinion of the physician conducting this test that the download application of the above product was completely successful in reversing this teenager's addiction to methamphetamine. Moreover, the test set of downloads also appeared to be successful in the rapid rehabilitation of the dysfunctional behavior which led this youngster to trying drugs in the first place. In fact, this reversal of the subject's dysfunctional behavior was dramatic in the fact that it occurred surprisingly fast and well before the completion of the recommended 9 month vaccination process recommended by ZAG.

Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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