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Quantum Detox™

The Poisoning of Our Planet and Ourselves

Quantum Detox
Quantum Detox™
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In recent history, mankind has managed to drastically change the chemistry of the environment in which we live. For example, in 1989 alone, statistics convey that more than 1 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the ground, threatening a portion of the soil we grow our food in and the natural underground water tables that supply some of our drinking water. Over 188 million pounds of chemicals were also discharged into surface waters such as lakes and rivers. More than 2.4 billion pounds of chemical emissions were pumped into the air we breathe. A grand total of 5.7 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the environment we eat, breathe and live in, all in just one year.

A recent bioscreening study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found traces of 212 environmental chemicals in Americans including toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury, pesticides, flame retardants and even perchlorate, an ingredient in rocket fuel. "It's not the environment that's contaminated so much," stated Dr. Bruce Lanphear, director of the Cincinnati Children's Environmental Health Center. " It's us."

As scientists get better at detecting the chemicals in our bodies, they are discovering that even tiny quantities of toxins can have a potentially serious impact on our health. According to Dr. Philip Landrigan, director of the Children's Environmental Health Center at New York City's Mount Sinai Medical Center, he claims "we don't give environmental exposure the attention it deserves but there's an emerging understanding that kids are uniquely susceptible to environmental hazards." It is believed that a number of modern ills that have been rising unchecked for decades such as obesity, diabetes, autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder could have chemical connections.

To compound the problem of our toxic environment, we have refined away much of the nutritional value of our food supply and replaced it with artificial colorings, preservatives, flavorings, conditioners, etc. This poor quality diet combined with extensive use of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture has predisposed many of us to experience a kind of "internal" pollution. Internal pollution occurs when the healthful bacteria in the intestinal tract are overcome by unhealthful bacteria. These unhealthful bacteria release toxic by-products into our circulation which negatively impact many aspects of our overall health.

Do Not Fall Victim To Toxicity

The above growing problem of environmental toxicity is a certain threat to the vibrant level of health we would like to enjoy. Of growing concern is the public's use of plastic in their food and drinking products. ZAG's research clearly indicates that many plastic products leach their toxic components into the products we drink or eat. Your tissues and liver have to deal with this ever increasing toxic buildup which eventually can lead to serious health problems. The universal adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is important to remember. Whether we succumb to the adverse effects of toxicity depends on our knowledge of the subject, the choices we make and the overall resiliency of our body. That involves learning what we need to do to help our body protect itself from toxicity.

Basic Ways To Avoid Toxicity

Let's begin with some of the basic requirements to avoid toxicity. Do all you can to purify your work and home environments. If you know the source of any toxic materials at work, such as stored or leaking chemicals, dyes, paints, solvents, glues, acids, or household offenders such as insecticides or cleaning agents, remove them if possible. If the offending materials cannot be removed, an effective air purification system may be needed. At least, wear protective clothing and/or breathing apparatus when using any toxic materials. Regular replacement of furnace and air conditioning filters may also be helpful.

Another important rule of thumb to avoiding toxicity in your daily life is to not heat food in the microwave using plastic containers. When heated, certain plastics can release dioxins into your food. Dioxins are highly poisonous to the cells of your body. When cooking TV dinners, instant ramen, soups, etc. remove the food from their plastic containers and heat in Corningware or Pyrex glass containers. Furthermore, do not cover microwaved foods with plastic wrap when heating. Heated plastic wrap in the microwave may drip toxic chemicals into your food. Instead, cover with a paper plate or paper towel. Moreover, freezing water in plastic drinking bottles can also release such dangerous chemicals as dioxins into your water and should be avoided.

It is also very important to eat a good diet with plenty of fresh, wholesome foods. Avoid eating excess fat, refined sugar and foods high in additives and preservatives. Eat moderate levels of protein (approximately 15% to 20% of your calories) and fat (approximately 20% of your calories), while increasing levels of complex carbohydrates (approximately 60% of your calories). Substitute organically-raised animals and organically-grown foods whenever possible. Drink plenty of purified water (ideally, eight 8 ounce glasses a day). A home water purification system is highly desirable to provide pure water for drinking and cooking. When following these above recommendations and the carefully researched St. Gallen Diet™, you have optimized your avoidance of toxicity on a basic level.

Support Your Body's Efforts to Avoid and Eliminate Toxicity

One thing is certain in your efforts to purify your work and home is impossible to avoid toxicity completely! With that realization, the importance of supporting your body's efforts to eliminate accumulated toxins cannot be overstated. Since the human body operates according to the principles of quantum physics and it the chemicals in your environment that are responsible for the toxicity to your quantum environment, supportive efforts at avoidance and eliminating toxicity requires quantum solutions. QuantumMAN™ has two QuantumXtreme™ medicines that are extremely effective in tackling the toxicity problem:

  • Quantum Detox™
  • Quantum Toxin Blocker™

These two QuantumXtreme™ medicines when used together effectively completely detox your entire body within all of its quantum realms while effectively blocking all environmental toxicity from further negatively impacting your body. In this section we will discuss Quantum Detox™ in detail. Elsewhere Quantum Toxin Blocker™ is discussed.

Radical New Technology Guarantees Complete Detoxification of Your Body on a Quantum Level

ZAG, the private humanitarian medical research group that employs QuantumMAN™, developed Quantum Detox™ as a bio-weapon against disease for QuantumMAN™'s exploits. Quantum Detox™ is one of the many developments derived from ZAG's radical new quantum information technology based on quantum physics. Quantum Detox™ is biosoftware that utilizes a set of PAKs™ that are downloaded to your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. When you click on the desired amount of PAKs™ you wish to dose, quantum bioinformation linked to their activation codes is uploaded directly to your brain's neural network via quantum teleportation. This quantum bioinformation consists of physiologic directives that program your brain to the specifications of Quantum Detox™'s master programs. QuantumMAN™ is the personification of this quantum data which consists of repeater programs that deliver quantum bioinformation several times a day for 30 days. For further information regarding this PAK™ technology and how it works, please click here.

Quantum Detox™ download is revolutionary biosoftware consisting of a master set of quantum programs that repeat several times a day for 30 days that effectively and completely detoxify a person. The tissues of the body (lungs, kidneys, liver, fat, GI tract, etc.) tend to store or compartmentalize toxins in the body. With their build-up, there becomes a breakdown of the tissues and a weakening of the immune system in its dealings with the toxic burden. QuantumMAN™'s Quantum Detox™ rapidly cleanses the body of its toxic build-up more effectively than anything else in existence due to the quantum technology it's based on. Quantum Detox™ will even significantly detox the body of accumulative radiation! Frequent routine use ofQuantum Detox™ is that proverbial "ounce of prevention" that will minimize cellular damage from toxic accumulation. Quantum Detox™ is recommended as a monthly staple is sustaining your health! Just remember to drink lots of water (avoid plastic bottles) to help the body flush your system when uploading these programs.

Remove the Toxicity of Chemotherapy and Radiation

Your brain has the unique ability to detox the body when it is programmed to do so. Even the dreaded toxicity of radiation and chemotherapy can be significantly diminished when dosed with adequate amounts of Quantum Detox™. Especially when concerned with the toxicity of these agents, the combination use of both Quantum Detox™ and Quantum Toxin Blocker™ is highly recommended in as high a dose as you feel is necessary.

This is the dawn of QuantumXtreme™ medicine where information rather than chemicals heals the body of what ails it. The entire universe including the human body and disease that attacks it operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Chemical based treatment systems do not and, as such, are not compatible with human physiology as evidenced by their toxicity. QuantumXtreme™ medicines offer the following advantages:

  • superior efficacy
  • work on a quantum level within the multiple realms of the body
  • no risk of any adverse side-effects
  • compatible with human physiology
  • safe for all ages
  • safe for pregnant women and the unborn fetus
  • safe to use with other medications and medical conditions
  • repeater programming ensures consistent potency and duration of action
  • cost effective
  • ultimate convenience and privacy
  • guaranteed results
  • clinically tested and proven

For a complete listing of the benefits of QuantumXtreme™ medicines, click here.

Dosing recommendations

Don't delay! Rejuvenating your body with Quantum Detox™ is just a download away!

In deciding how many 30 day doses of Quantum Detox™ downloads to purchase, the following is a guide:

  • If you consider the problem you are treating "mild" then upload a minimum of 1 Quantum Detox™ dose every 30 days.

  • If you consider the problem you are treating "moderate" then upload a minimum of 3 Quantum Detox™ doses every 30 days.

  • If you consider the problem you are treating "severe" then upload a minimum of 5 Quantum Detox™ doses every 30 days.

Note: For concerns about radiation exposure and/or chemotherapy toxicity, then a minimum of 6 Quantum Detox™ doses are recommended to be uploaded every 30 days.

There are NO adverse side effects no matter how many downloads are uploaded at a time. With each successive set of biosoftware downloads, the benefits are exponentially increased due to the quantum reinforcement effects that occurs with increasing dosage.

Quantum Detox™ backed by QuantumMAN™'s 30 day money back guarantee.

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Quantum Detox™

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