QuantumMan: Quantum Diet Repair
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Erases Dietary Mistakes

Diet Repair
DietFix™ - Diet Repair
Repairs the metabolic set-back caused by dietary indiscretions while taking QWC. More...
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QuantumMAN™ realizes not every one will be 100% compliant with the important St. Gallen Diet™ that's integral to achieving permanent weight loss or success with any other quantum treatment regime where the St. Gallen Diet™ is recommended.  ZAG, the private humanitarian medical research group that employs QuantumMAN™, has developed a set of "Portal Access Keys™" (PAKs™) for acccess to DietFix™ Diet Repair data that can be downloaded to your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. The Portal Access Keys™ unlock a quantum portal linked to bioinformation that is allowed to flow from ZAG's quantum computer via quantum teleportation directly to the neural network of your brain, also a quantum computer. QuantumMAN™ personifies the portal linked to this data guarding its access. This quantum data provides physiologic directives that program your brain to reverse the metabolic set-backs caused by your dietary indiscretions of that particular day. Downloading DietFix™ provides the non-compliant client the following significant benefits:

  • Keeps you on track with the important DietFix™ program metabolically, immunologically and physiologically despite the indiscretion(s) of the diet so you don't lose ground and get discouraged.
  • Repairs the fungal overgrowth and the metabolic damage caused by the dietary indiscretion(s).
  • Keeps the forward momentum of your progress minimally interrupted despite the dietary indiscretion(s).
  • Works to stop any cravings that might be aggravating your dietary compliance.
  • Suppresses your appetite appropriately.
  • Motivates you to stick to the diet with the incentive of not spending the money to purchase DietFix™.
  • One set of DietFix™ downloads corrects an estimated 3 dietary indiscretions. However, you can order more sets if you believe your indiscretions have been severe (5 or more avoidance foods or drinks) on that particular day.

  • DietFix™ is not a substitute for dietary compliance.

Don't delay! Your erasure for your dietary mistakes is just a download away!


One DietFix™ download repairs up to three dietary indiscretions in a particular day. For 4 or more dietary indiscretions in a particular day, order one additional download per every 3 dietary indiscretions. For example: if you had 2 beers, a hot dog and a scoop of ice cream, you would require 2 DietFix™ downloads to erase those dietary mistakes of that particular day. If you're not sure how many DietFix™ downloads are required, have Fritz, your St. Gallen Diet Assistant™ help you with that task. Please determine your DietFix™ needs as follows:

  • 1-3 dietary indiscretions: 1 DietFix™ downloads
  • 4-6 dietary indiscretions: 2 DietFix™ downloads
  • 7-10 dietary indiscretions: 3 or more DietFix™ downloads
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DietFix™ Diet Repair

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$5 USD

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Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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