QuantumMan: Extraterrestrial Technology
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Game Changer

In this site, you are witnessing the most mind-blowing technology since man first step foot on this Earth:

...a technology quietly tested and proven for safety and efficacy in clinical trials in multiple different applications for more than a decade.

...a technology that will beneficially change the world more than all previous technological advancements combined.

...a technology so unbelievable because it's light-years ahead of its time.

...a technology of extraterrestrial origin!

Please enjoy the bounty provided by an advanced civilization:

QuantumMAN™...World's First Downloadable Medicines

Brief Overview of Technology

Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) are downloaded to a cellphone, desktop, laptop or tablet to unlock a quantum portal that then allows data to be teleported from a quantum computer to a human or animal brain programming it for desired benefits.

One example of the many products developed from this radical technology:

Quantum Veterinarian
QuantumVET™ Tricorder Plus
Convert your cellphone ( desktop, tablet or laptop) to a personal medical tricorder to instantly diagnose and treat your pet at home via radical new technolgy. More...

Do You Believe in the Existance of Extraterrestrial Technology?

Hear what the Defense Minister of Canada believes about the existence of extraterrestrial technology:

Additional QuantumMAN Products:

The following thumbnails are a few more examples of the more than 170 quantum products developed from this extraterrestrial technology by the Zürich Alpine Group (ZAG):


Bliss Super Euphoriant
Bliss™ (Super Euphoriant)
A quantum psychoactive that is guaranteed to put you in a better mood! More...
Ceresafe Stroke Vaccine
Ceresafe™ (Stroke Vaccine)
Lifetime protection against developing a stroke. More...
ColdVac Common Cold Vaccine
ColdVac™ (Common Cold Vaccine)
One year's protection against getting a common cold. More...
Diet Repair
DietFix™ (Quantum Diet Repair)
Repairs the metabolic set-back caused by dietary indiscretions while taking QWC. More...
Quantum Food Allergy Reversal
Food Allergy Reversal™
Cures all food allergies and sensitivities permanently in just 3 days! More...
Heaven's Gate Aphrodisiac
Heaven's Gate™ (Aphrodisiac)
Your quantum rocket to sexual bliss! More...
HEjuvenate Male Autoimmunity Reversal
HEjuvenate™ (Male Autoimmunity Reversal)
Permanently reverses all autoimmunities to the male reproductive system. More...
MethSafe Methamphetamine Vaccine
MalariaSafe™ (Malaria Vaccine)
A global solution to malaria arrives With the development of a new malaria vaccine. More...
MethSafe Methamphetamine Vaccine
MethBlocker™ (Meth Prevention Vaccine)
Prevents dysfunctional behavior leading to meth addiction. More...
MethSafe Methamphetamine Vaccine
MethCure™ (Meth Rehab Vaccine)
Meth addiction reversal in just 3 days! Lifetime immunity within 9 months! More...
QBX Aphrodisiac
QBX™ (Aphrodisiac)
A quantum bemelanotide extreme sexual stimulant that will more than please! More...
QHE Male Hormone Replacement
QHE™ (Male Hormone Replacement)
Monthly quantum male hormone replacement therapy. More...
QSHE Female Hormone Replacement
QSHE™ (Female Hormone Replacement)
Monthly quantum female hormone replacement therapy. More...
Quadraflu Flu Vaccine
Quadraflu™ (Flu Vaccine)
2 months protection against Swine (H1,N1, Avian, Influenza A & B). More...
Quantum Chiropractor
QChiro™ (Quantum Chiropractor)
Perfectly aligns your entire body in 1 minute for only $5. More...
Quantum Detox
Quantum Detox™
Purifies your body of all toxins! More...
Quantum Doctor
QDr™ (Quantum Doctor)
Accesses your brain's neural network to diagnose, select and then administer the needed QuantumXtreme™ medicines to effect the proper treatment. More...
A complete balanced diet of pure data that feeds the starving or helps manage the overweight patient. More...
QLax™ (Quantum Laxative)
Radical new technology yields quantuml laxative that obsoletes conventional laxatives. More...
Quantum Massage
QMassage™ (Quantum Massage)
An incredibly blissful massage inside and out with unparalleled health benefits. More...
Quantum Stress Buster
Reprograms your brain to minimize the stress in your life. More...
Quantum Toxin Blocker
Quantum Toxin Blocker™
Blocks the ill-effects of toxic exposure! More...
Quantum Veterinarian
QuantumVET™ Tricorder Plus
Convert your cellphone ( desktop, tablet or laptop) to a personal medical tricorder to instantly diagnose and treat your pet at home via radical new technolgy. More...
Quantum Weight Control
QWC™ (Quantum Weight Control)
Medically corrects your metabolism on a quantum level to permanently manage your weight. More...
Reverse chronic renal disease- guaranteed! More...
SHEjuvenate Female Autoimmunity Reversal
SHEjuvenate™ (Female Autoimmunity Reversal)
Permanently reverses all autoimmunities to the female reproductive system. More...
SleepX The Sleep Extender
SleepX™ The Sleep Extender
Feel more rested on less sleep. More...
Supercillin™ (Extreme Spectrum Antimicrobial)
10 day downloadable antimicrobial coverage against most pathogenic fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses. More...
Tiger Tail Male G-Spot Stimulant
Tiger Tail™ (Male G-Spot Stimulant)
An aphrodisiac that supercharges your male G-Spot while reversing autoimmunities to your prostate! More...
Zaxis 24hr Pain Control
Zaxis™ 24hr Pain Control
Powerful quantum pain management without side effects. More...

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Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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