QuantumMan: Extreme Spectrum Antimicrobial
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From the time the fetus is developing in the womb there is a constant life and death struggle versus microorganisms trying to destroy it. This struggle persists throughout life. It is our immune system or that of the mother, in the instance of the developing fetus, that protects us from attack by these germs. However, in the early stages of life, there is an immaturity of our immune system that compromises our complete ability to fend off these germs. As we grow older, the immune system matures but often, due to a host of factors, it may be compromised allowing invading germs to wreak havoc upon our bodies. Germs are often "opportunistic," especially funguses, just waiting for the opportunity to establish themselves in our bodies when the immune system is not at full capacity. Germs encompass funguses, parasites, viruses and bacteria....all looking to feed upon our bodies. If you have a progressive, chronic disease in your body, it is likely due to a variety of infections which may be difficult to detect and therefore difficult to treat. The fact that germs often evade detection is why so many disease entities are treated symptomatically rather than actually treated for their underlying causes. Unfortunately, our modern day laboratory technology and X-rays are extremely limited in their ability to locate many of these deep seated infections that exist on a "subclinical" basis.

Then there is the problem of the toxicity inherent with prescription antibiotics which is as problematic as the infections they treat. So much collateral damage occurs with their use and abuse which the patient is often unaware. Moreover, doctors just do not seem to have a handle on appreciating prescription drug side effects often doling them out like candy whenever a child or adult has a sniffle. Yet infections must be dealt with aggressively as they will make you miserable, or even possibly kill you, if left unattended in the presence of a compromised immune system. Unless the specific germ(s) causing a person's symptoms is identified, treatment by the physician is mostly guesswork. Since prescription antimicrobials are limited in their spectrum of coverage, an inaccurate guess is hazardous to the patient who suffers from the resultant possiblity of adverse side effects and worsening of his/her infection.

QuantumMAN™, aka The Quantum Germ Killer, is the world's foremost advocate in fighting infection. The firepower he brings to the table is unprecedented. Using an incredibly advanced technology developed by his employer ZAG, a private humanitarian medical research group, QuantumMAN™ is armed to successfully fight infections that have plagued mankind for generations. In the following sections, you will come to understand the dangers of antibiotic use and then the revelation of QuantumMAN™'s ultimate weapon of mass germ destruction... Supercillin, the world's first downloadable extreme spectrum antimicrobial! Supercillin, due to its expansive spectrum of antimicrobial activity against the widest range of fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses, takes most of the guesswork out of germ warfare. Please read on!

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