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  1. Q: How does the Portal Access Key™ (PAK™) work?

    A: The entire universe, including the human body and maladies that afflict it, operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Chemical based treatment systems do not operate according to those princicples and, as such, are not compatible with human physiology as evidenced by their inherent toxicity. Therefore a new approach to treating disease or providing mind-expanding pleasure is mandated...enter the Portal Access Key™.

    QuantumMAN™'s PAK™ is a radical revolutionary quantum information technology based on the quantum physics' principles of the counterintuitive phenomena of quantum entanglement and nonlocality. "Nonlocality" describes the possibility of physically affecting something without actually touching it or touching any series of entities reaching from here to there. It implies that a fist in England can break a nose in Germany without affecting any other physical thing (not a molecule of air, not an electron in a wire, not a twinkle of light) anywhere in between. These are the principles of how the universe in general and specifically the human body operates. The PAK™ employs the application of these principles in how it quantumly teleports quantum data as it communicates with the body of man or beast in its fight against disease or simply to provide pleasure. The PAK™ unlocks a portal for the teleportation of quantum data from ZAG's quantum computer to your body's quantum computer, the brain. The programs consist of quantum data that provide physiologic directives to the brain to perform as instructed.

    In simpler terms, the PAK™ works like a program (information) received by email being downloaded to your computer. Except in this case, the computer is your brain that receives the program (information) without that program being transmitted through the intervening space.

  2. Q: What is the difference between "downloading" a PAK™ and "uploading" from a PAK™?

    A: Downloading a PAK™ means you have ordered a product online and can access the product from within your account via the Portal Access Key™ either on your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. Uploading a PAK™, or set of PAKs™, occurs when you click on the PAK™ and then confirm your intent to upload the data linked to the product, which then unlocks the product specific portal that allows the bioinformation to flow from ZAG's quantum computer to your brain.

  3. Q: How many PAKs™ can I upload within one 60 second timespan?

    A: As many PAKs™ that you have confirmed at one time.

  4. Q: Do I have to wait any certain amount of time after uploading data via one PAK™ before uploading data via another PAK™?

    A: You can upload data via one PAK™ right after another without any delay. Or you can upload data via multiple PAKs™ at the same time by confirming them all at the same time.

  5. Q: I sometimes fall asleep after downloading a product? What is that about?

    A: Occasionally a person may fall asleep following the administration of a download due to the nature of the programs running into the person and that person's set and setting. This is actually a favorable symptom that conveys the download is working wherein the programs desire the person be placed in the sleep mode for the person's benefit.

  6. Q: Are the QuantumXtreme™ medicines capable of causing any adverse symptoms?

    A: No. It is virtually impossible for someone to suffer an "adverse side-effect" from a QuantumXtreme™ medicine's programming due to the "quantum intelligence" inherent with all master programs. Rare individuals in clinical trials experience momentary redness of their eyes during the upload process. This was determined not to be an "adverse" effect but the intent of the program to increase vascular supply and therefore an intended benefit.

    Certain individuals may experience relaxation to the point of drowsiness, and perhaps falling asleep, when uploading QMassage™. This is not considered an "adverse" effect because the programs of that quantum product are intended to provide relaxation. A person will not be forcibly made drowsy if engaged in activity.

    In other words, if ever a brief symptom should arise from use of a QuantumXtreme™ medicine, it will only be an intended beneficial symptom and not one having any adverse impact.

  7. Q: How fast do the QuantumXtreme™ medicines begin working?

    A: Their programs usually begin working instantaneously following completion of their upload. The speed at which their effect is first noticed will vary from product to product and person to person.

  8. Q: Is there a limit to how high a dose I can upload safely?

    A: Due to the unique biochemical make-up of individuals, it is understood that certain people require and/or desire higher doses of a particular product to obtain the desired effect. There is no limit to how high you may increase your dosage of one of QuantumMAN™'s products. There is no possibility of any adverse side effects whatsoever regardless of the dose uploaded. In other words you simply cannot "overdose" with QuantumXtreme™ medicines.

  9. Q: Are there other ways to optimize the effects and benefits of receiving quantumly teleported quantum bioinformation?

    A: Yes. A person will optimize a upload's benefits by being well hydrated. In addition, the person should be rested to maximize the receptiveness of that person's neural network to the uploading of data. Of course, avoiding the use of alcohol and any other central nervous system depressant is wise during use of quantum downloads so as not to mute the neural transmission of their quantum data. Street drug usage can run interference due to their general toxicity that dulls the senses and should be avoided as well.

  10. Q: What does your "quantum bioinformation" consist of?

    A: ZAG's "quantum bioinformation" is a quantum development. It is "quantum information" or data in its purest energy form consisting of physiologic directives that can be quantumly teleported to the brain's neural network's interface. See Wikipedia's explanation of "quantum information" for a more technical discussion.

  11. Q: Are QuantumXtreme™ medicine downloads safe?

    A: Absolutely. The ability to transfer quantum information directly to your brain's neural network via quantum teleportation and control the content of the data insures complete safety. This technology was developed as an alternative to the hazardous pharmaceuticals with their inherent chemical toxicity. There are no medications, chemicals, homeopathic substances, herbs, supplements involved...just quantum data uploaded to your neurons. There is no interference with other medical conditions or medications . A download is safe for people of all ages including a fetus! There is no possibility of any adverse side-effects whatsoever. The entire universe including the human body and maladies that afflict it operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Therefore, medical treatment or mind expansion require a quantum approach that is compatible with human physiology. ZAG's quantum information technology is the new paradigm in safety for treating health related issues or providing psychoactive recreation.

  12. Q: Why is the instruction for users of QuantumXtreme™ medicines to be “well-hydrated” so important?

    A: Hydration is vital. Changes in the level of hydration within the body means changes in the communication between cells. Poor hydration of cells markedly diminishes the communication between cells. It is no accident that our bodies are made up of 70% water overall. The brain is 80% water but one of the first places to register dehydration. QuantumXtreme™ medicines are 100% data preferring the optimal communication or transfer of this data among the body’s cells among which is the brain’s neural network.

  13. Q: Does the download work by "placebo effect"?

    A: No. Proof of this is evidenced by at least three specific clinical trials mentioned in this site:

However, due to the nature of the human mind, the medical literature argues that every medical treatment has some sort of "placebo effect." In fact, it is considered a response to any active medical intervention.

  1. Q: Has this technology been clinically tested?

    A: Yes. The technology has had numerous and extensive human clinical trials over the recent years with such trials continuously being conducted on new quantum products that have been developed. Individual results will vary. Our trials reveal people have different threshold requirements before they realize the benefits of a particular product. For instance, a well rested individual will experience our downloads more profoundly than one who is sleep deprived where the senses are essentially dulled. Your brain simply requires adequate sleep to function optimally. The one who is sleep deprived might require higher doses. The state of hydration of an individual is also important. The downloads are more effective if the person is well-hydrated. Therefore, due to the unique biochemical make-up of an individual and his/her lifestyle, results are often dose dependent as well as related to the mind-body connection of that person. In any event, multiple single-blind clinical trials conducted have conveyed the unparalleled efficacy of this technology in numerous different applications. Several of these clinical trials are available on this site for review.

  2. Q: Are QuantumXtreme™ medicines the same as "mind control"?

A: No. "Mind control" conveys control of one's mind against his/her will or desires. QuantumXtreme™ medicines do not control your mind like some hobbyist's radio-controlled car. Your brain is a quantum computer. QuantumXtreme™ medicines serve to optimize that quantum computer by removing all impediments to its optimal performance much like cleaning a computer of viruses and corrupted files, etc. QuantumXtreme™ medicines also reprogram the brain as necessary to correct its dysfunctional quantum computing that has resulted in medical issues. The brain allows guidance from the quantum programming of the QuantumXtreme™ medicines to instruct it in what and how to correct the medical issue(s). However, the brain does not allow itself to be, in any way, adversely impacted by ZAG's quantum programs unlike chemical based medical treatments that often prove toxic. In no way will a QuantumXtreme™ medicine cause an adverse side effect to an individual regardless of the dose or even accidental use of a wrong program. Moreover, within the complete compatibility of ZAG's quantum programs with the brain's quantum computer lies an inherent intelligence of each QuantumXtreme™ medicine to do precisely what is asked of it and to seek the neural pathways necessary to accomplish its goals. QuantumXtreme™ medicines are better thought of as "brain guidance systems". The brain accepts only what it wants and/or needs from the QuantumXtreme™ medicine and discards the rest.

  1. Q: What if someone accidentally or intentionally uploaded a massive dose of a QuantumXtreme™ medicine to an infant, would there be any adverse impact on that infant?

    A. Absolutely not. Regardless of what QuantumXtreme™ medicine or its dose might be mis-used, there will be no negative impact on that infant. It is simply impossible for anything adverse to happen to an individual regardless of age or medical status due to the programming and design of ZAG's QuantumXtreme™ medicines. As noted in another FAQ, the brain accepts only what it wants and/or needs from the QuantumXtreme™ medicine and discards the rest.

  2. Q: Can I send a product to someone else?

    A: You cannot send a product to someone else. In the interest of preventing counterfeiting and maintaining quality control, a person must directly order from the QuantumMAN™ site.

  3. Q: How do I request a refund if I accidently order the wrong product, or if I'm not satisfied with the results of an uploaded product?

    A: As long as the request is made within the refund period from time of purchase you can use the refund request form here. Refund periods range from 30 days to lifetime and vary from product to product. Below please find a listing of all products and their refund periods. By requesting a refund you agree to the following refund terms:

    REFUND TERMS AND CONDITIONS: I understand and agree that by submitting this refund request, the above downloads will be automatically and immediately de-activated whether uploaded or not and any benefit received will be immediately reversed. I acknowledge that I have read this notice and agree to its conditions for my refund. I also understand that I may be blocked from ordering the product(s) again if abuse is observed. I also understand that requests for refund outside the guarantee period from date of purchase will be denied.

    The length of time for refunded monies to be returned to your credit card is dependent on your credit card processor. ZAG promptly processes all refund requests.


    Bliss™ 30 days
    CereSafe™ lifetime
    ColdVac™ 365 days
    DietFix™ 30 days
    Heaven's Gate™ 30 days
    HEjuvenate™ 180 days
    QBX™ 30 days
    QFood™ 30 days
    QHE™ 30 days
    QSHE™ 30 days
    Quadraflu™ 60 days
    QChiro™ 30 days
    QDr™ 30 days
    Food Allergy Reversal™ lifetime
    QMassage™ 30 days
    Stress Buster™ 30 days
    QVet™ 30 days
    QWC™ 60 days
    SHEjuvenate™ 180 days
    SleepX™ 30 days
    Supercillin™ 30 days
    Tiger Tail™ 30 days
    Zaxis™ 30 days

  4. Q: Will QuantumXtreme™ medicines work for everyone?

    A: Based on human programming they are built to work for everyone. However, due to certain lifestyles, inability to follow directions, lack of mind-body connection, and other sources of interference, some individuals will not experience positive results from QuantumXtreme™ medicines. Just as in the realm of physical medicine, there is not a single medicine or supplement that works for everyone. For this reason ZAG offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so no individual will suffer a financial loss with use of its QuantumXtreme™ medicines, no matter what the issue may be. This guarantee sets ZAG's treatments apart from high-risk, non-guaranteed modern medicine.

  5. Q: If I purchase and store in my account a number of your quantum products, will they expire, lose their efficacy, or become outdated as product programing is updated?

    A: Absolutely not. The technology is such that any advancements made to the master programs are automatically linked to your product PAKs. If you have uploaded a lifetime product or one with a long-term program, any updates to the product automatically upload to your brain's neural network. Therefore, all programs whether uploaded, downloaded or stored in your account always remain extremely current to the advancements of the technology.
Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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