QuantumMan: Quantum Fat Killer
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QuantumMAN™, aka Fat Killer, finds mankind getting fatter and fatter despite the multitude of innovations attempting to stem the tide of increasing global obesity. He likens fat to a tumor that is spread throughout the body versus localized in small discrete areas like cancer. Through the research efforts of his employer ZAG, a private humanitarian medical research group, QuantumMAN™ has come to understand that the increasing global epidemic comes as a result of a basic lack of understanding as to the numerous specific underlying causes of obesity and subsequent lack of their treatment. In the following pages QuantumMAN™ chronicles the global epidemic and the evolution of man with regards to obesity. He defines obesity versus the definition of being overweight. He invites you to calculate your own Body Mass Index to determine where you stand in the battle of the bulge. His employer also provides a brief glimpse of the multiple factors at play in its Obesity Flow Chart that depicts the cascade of events that lead to obesity. QuantumMAN™ then outlines some of the many underlying causes of obesity and makes the point that obesity is really just a symptom of multiple complex metabolic problems and needs to be treated as such.

QuantumMAN™ is on a mission to eradicate this nemesis of mankind with a radical new technology that is finally up to the challenge. Please read on and then discover the ultimate weapon system QuantumMAN™ offers the general public in his conquest to remove the unwanted fat from their lives.

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