Important! Read all instructions thoroughly before proceeding to upload product data to your brain via your Portal Access Keys™. Print Print


INSTRUCTIONS: Upload data via one (1) or more Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) every 10 days continuously and uninterrupted until you have improved and/or stabilized your kidney function to your satisfaction. Progress is best monitored by serial laboratory renal function testing every 2-4 weeks. For some individuals a monthly maintenance dose may be required after a plateau of improvement has been reached. Follow these steps:

  1. Upload your PAK™ doses per the procedure outlined in "How to Upload Products."

    Dialysis Patients: RenalRenew™ is capable of restoring significant kidney function to be able to be weaned off dialysis.  As treatment progresses, the kidneys gradually rehabilitate themselves.  Notify your doctor of your intent to begin RenalRenew™ therapy and your desire that  he/she should monitor your renal response to treatment and gradually withdraw any medications as you wean off dialysis.  The average compliant dialysis patient will require 4-6 months of RenalRenew™ to wean off dialysis entirely.

  2. As soon as you click the "Unlock and Launch Portal" button, remember to immediately remain quiet and undisturbed for 1 minute while your body quantumly receives the product's programmed directives.

  3. Infants or toddlers can be uploaded by touching the youngster before you click and confirm the upload via a PAK™. When you click the "Unlock and Launch Portal" button the data will then travel to the youngster through you during the portal access process. Remain in contact with the youngster until the portal has closed again. No harm will come to an inadvertent recipient of the data.

  4. Each PAK™ is good for one use only.

  5. All data uploaded automatically run their programs multiple times a day for 10 days due to repeater programs embedded in their data. Therefore, you need only dose one PAK every 10 day period.

  6. For optimal results, it is important that you are well-hydrated (eight 8 oz glasses of water per day if able) and rested during the entire renal renewal period. Avoid alcoholic beverages during treatment.

  7. Because most persons with chronic kidney disease unknowingly have a compromised immune system with an opportunistic fungal overgrowth in their intestinal tract, this fungal overgrowth requires treatment to lessen its toxic burden on their renal system. This is imperative for optimal treatment results. Therefore, during the entire treatment process, it is important to download the ST. GALLEN DIET™ and carefully follow its food and beverage allowances. The ST. GALLEN DIET restricts foods and beverages that promote fungal growth in the body. Failure to follow the diet may result in therapeutic failure of this treatment regime. Following this diet optimizes the renal rehabilitation process. Use the free St. Gallen Diet™ Assistant daily wherein you check a list of foods and beverages you have consumed for the day. The Diet Assistant will then inform you of your dietary mistakes and level of compliance. Dietary mistakes can be promptly corrected metabolically with DietFix™. For those individuals who are unable to follow the ST. GALLEN DIET™ , they are strongly encouraged to otherwise avoid coffee, tea, alcohol containing beverages, sugar, sugar containing foods and beverages, processed meats, breads containing yeast, sauces, cheese and vinegar as best possible.

  8. Caution: Avoid physical contact with a pet or another person at the time of uploading data accessed by the product's PAK™ unless you desire that person or pet to be the recipient of the data rather than yourself. No harm will come to an inadvertent recipient of the data.

  9. Your product's PAKs™ will be stored in your account on the QuantumMANsite until you are ready to upload data via them.

  10. Due to interference factors and/or extenuating circumstances such as non-compliance, prescription medications, inappropriate lifestyle, incompetent immune system, etc., you may require a second course of treatment to achieve the desired results.

    Important! While using RenalRenew™, it is highly recommended that you discontinue any drugs that you are taking that:

    • modulate the immune system.
    • has one or more side-effects that match the symptom(s) you are suffering from.
    • has a side-effect name that ends in "itis".
    • has a side-effect of causing an infection.
    • has a side-effect that worsens kidney function (elevation of BUN, Creatine, etc.).
    • has a side-effect of causing swelling, fluid retention or edema.

    Consult your pharmacist or drug insert and discuss with your physician the above recommendations. (These drugs are likely contributing to your condition and/or may hinder your recovery.)

    Important! If you are on blood pressure medication, then monitor your blood pressure closely. Because the cause of your blood pressure elevation and your kidney disease are related, RenalRenew™ will tend to correct your blood pressure as well often negating your need for your blood pressure medicine in the future. Therefore taper off your blood pressure medication as you see your pressure dropping with treatment.

    Peritoneal Dialysis warning:

    In general, peritoneal dialysis is strongly discouraged due to its use of glucose as a primary osmotic agent as it may lead to peritonitis, the decline of kidney and peritoneal membrane functions as well as other negative health consequences. It is highly recommended that persons using peritoneal dialysis urge their doctor to switch them to hemodialysis instead.

  11. If further information is desired please see the FAQ and the Portal Access Key sections of the QuantumMANsite.