Important! Read all instructions thoroughly before proceeding to upload product biodata to your brain via your Portal Access Keys™. Print Print


INSTRUCTIONS: To provide you the perfect alignment upload biodata via one (1) or more Quantum Chiropractor™ Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) according to the "Dosing Guidelines" above by following these instructions:

  1. Upload your PAK™ doses per the procedure outlined in "How to Upload Products."

  2. As soon as you click the "Unlock and Launch Portal" button, it is best to immediately lay down on your back with your arms to your side (may use pillow to support head) remaining quiet and undisturbed for 1 minute while your body quantumly receives the product's programmed directives. If unable to lay down, QChiro™ will work but perhaps not to the extent desired.

  3. All biodata uploaded automatically run their programs multiple times over 4 hours due to repeater programs embedded in their biodata. Therefore, you need only dose one PAK every 4 hour period.

  4. If you are uploading to treat pain or discomfort for symptoms that are not due to an alignment issue, relief may not be obtained. For chronic conditions, it is recommended that you use 2 to 3 PAKs™ daily for several days, or even weeks, in order to restore function.

  5. Infants or toddlers can be uploaded by touching the youngster before you click and confirm the upload via a PAK™. When you click the "Unlock and Launch Portal" button the biodata will then travel to the youngster through you during the portal access process. Remain in contact with the youngster until the portal has closed again. No harm will come to an inadvertent recipient of the biodata.

  6. Dosing Guidelines:
      Minimum Frequency
    1. Back pain As needed
    2. Shoulder pain As needed
    3. Chronic knee, ankle, foot pain 3x/day for several days/weeks as needed
    4. Frozen shoulder 3x/day for several weeks as needed
    5. Athletic injuries 3x/day as needed
    6. Sprained ankle or knee 3x/day for several days/weeks as needed
    7. Chronic musculoskeletal pain or discomfort As needed
    8. Injury prevention Before and after a sport or physically demanding activity
    9. TMJ As needed
    10. Stubbed toes or fingers Immediately following injury and as needed
    11. History of repeated chiropractic adjustments As needed; consider Food Allergy Reversal™*
    12. Any acute musculoskeletal accidental injury Immediately and as needed
    13. Any problem where mis-alignment is suspected As needed
    14. Sinus passage blockages As needed
    15. Cranial suture alignment As needed
    16. Carpal tunnel syndrome 3x/day for several days as needed
    *If you have a history of repeatedly going to the chiropractor for adjustments due to chronic discomfort, the pain could stem from food allergies and/or intestinal infections. This is a phenomena known as visceral-somatic reflex where an intestinal infection (viscera) causes the back, pelvis and hips (somatic structures) to mis-align. You might consider Quantum Food Allergy Reversal™ to permanently correct this problem. Just one set of downloads permanently blocks all present and future food sensitivities and allergies. Use Supercillin™ for suspected intestinal infections.

  7. Each PAK™ is good for one use only.

  8. For optimal results, it is important that you are well-hydrated ( eight 8 oz glasses of water per day) and rested during the treatment period.. Avoid alcoholic beverages during treatment.

  9. Caution: Avoid physical contact with a pet or another person at the time of uploading biodata accessed by the product's PAK™ unless you desire that person or pet to be the recipient of the biodata rather than yourself. No harm will come to an inadvertent recipient of the biodata.

  10. If further information is desired please see the FAQ and the Portal Access Key sections of the QuantumMANsite.