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A Global Solution to Malaria Arrives With The Development of a New Malaria Vaccine

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MalariaSafe™ (Malaria Vaccine)
A global solution to malaria arrives With the development of a new malaria vaccine. More...
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QuantumMAN™, aka The Guardian, utilizes a radical new quantum information technology that overcomes nearly all obstacles of Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACT). This quantum technology now provides the world with the novel new malaria vaccine MalariaSafe™. Unlike conventional vaccines that inject a bacteria, virus or toxin into the person to stimulate an immune response against the organism of concern, MalariaSafe™ malaria vaccine instead works on entirely different principles. MalariaSafe™ is designed to repair the biological terrain of the immunologically compromised individual typical of the indigenous people of the malaria regions. By repairing the host's terrain, the individual's immune system can better withstand the attack by the parasite to where the parasite is either killed or so hindered that the person's symptoms are of such a mild degree that there is no loss of life. It is the sad state of the immune system of the inhabitants of developing countries that make them so vulnerable to the ravages of malaria. In addition to repairing the person's biological terrain, MalariaSafe™ has extreme killing power against the parasite itself and any other pathogens that often co-exist during an infestation. You really need such a multi-purpose tool because you never know who is infected with what. With the remoteness of some villages to health care and definitive diagnosis, the vaccine is the best of both and treatment in the same package with complete safety of use.

Malaria Vaccine Developed from Radical New Information Technology

MalariaSafe™ is derived from a radical new quantum information technology developed by ZAG, the private humanitarian medical research group that employs QuantumMAN™. This quantum information technology is based on discoveries employing the principles of quantum physics under which the entire universe including the human body operates. Chemical based drugs are essentially not compatible with such operating systems as evidenced by their adverse side effects. On the other hand, QuantumMAN™'s downloadable MalariaSafe™ malaria vaccine is a quantum medicine that is completely compatible with the operational systems of the human body. A person simply purchases MalariaSafe™ and receives a number of its "Portal Access Keys™" (PAKs™)" . Accessing these PAKs via a personal computer, smartphone or tablet allows the person's body to quantumly receive (upload) MalariaSafe™'s master programs. QuantumMAN™ personifies this quantum data which serves as physiologic directives to program the brain to direct your immune system to attack the parasite and any other pathogen that may be present. Moreover, the directives also serve to restore your biological terrain in such a manner that renders it uninhabitable to foreign invading organisms. There is absolutely no possibility of any adverse side effects associated with this technology. This is critical because the people at risk for malaria are already in poor health and generally do not tolerate additional toxicity from the drugs like Big Pharma has been offering.

How MalariaSafe™ Works

MalariaSafe™ (Malaria Vaccine) programs the person's body in a way that maximizes its immune defenses specifically against malaria while perfecting the person's biological terrain with regards to other invasive species likely present in such ingenious individuals. Infants and newborns can quantumly receive MalariaSafe™ programs without the slightest risk of any adverse side-effects by simply holding them during the vaccination. Especially effective and safe for the pregnant mother and her unborn fetus. Infants and newborns can be uploaded by first touching the youngster before dosing via a PAK™ download. To vaccinate requires quantumly receiving (uploading) vaccination data via one PAK™ download once every 10 days on a CONTINUOUS BASIS due to the general life style of persons living in the malaria zones. The programs delivered have built-in “repeater programming” wherein the delivered programs are repeated several times a day for precisely 10 days. Maximum protection takes 6 months to acquire before the person vaccinated is fully protected. During the 6 month period it requires a person to become fully “immunized” against malaria, the person is still vulnerable to getting malaria. However, once the person begins the vaccination process, even early on, that person will have the important advantage that even the most virulent form of malaria will not cause that person’s fatality. However, after the person has received a full 6 months of vaccinations, it important that the person continues quantumly receiving (uploading) MalariaSafe™ vaccination data via PAK™ every 10 days as long as the person continues to reside in a malaria zone in order to remain safe from contracting malaria. This requirement comes as a result of the life style of the indigenous people of malaria zones that requires this ongoing vaccination protection.

MalariaSafe™ restores the person's biological terrain and executes an unprecedented killing campaign against every pathogenic organism that may exist in that person's body including the malaria parasite. The malaria parasite is certainly MalariaSafe™'s top priority but malaria usually has microbial accomplices that complicate vaccination by their additional burden on the immune system. These too must be eliminated in order to have the greatest success in killing and/or preventing malaria. Malaria is much more likely to have dire consequences in an immune compromised individual than one who is not immune compromised. Since a large percentage of the indigenous population of malaria zones are illiterate and tend to eat whatever is available with little regards for hygiene, the tendency for these individuals to acquire microbial infections through contaminated food and water is high. As a result, the individuals have an immune system constantly challenged with trying to control acute and chronic infections while the immune system is compromised with poor nutrition and hygiene. Add to this nutritionally compromised and microbe challenged immune system a wicked malaria parasite infestation, the outcome is grim for the individual afflicted. Adding insult to injury are the toxic pharmacologic drugs used to treat malaria adding their collateral damage to the mix. A pharmacologic approach to malaria will never prove effective and safe as a result.

There are helpful dietary guidelines to follow, if a person is able, that help strengthen the person’s immune system and therefore help maximize the effectiveness of the vaccination process:

  • no sugar or sugar containing foods or drinks
  • no alcoholic beverages
  • no coffee or teas
  • no cheese or bread
  • minimize fruit intake
  • no processed meats

ZAG, in its development of MalariaSafe™, understands the battle zone in which malaria must be fought. To be effective as a vaccination in preventing malaria, it needs to accomplish the following goals in the person vaccinated:

  • Prevent mortality during the 6 month vaccination process and thereafter
  • Successfully prevent the fully immunized person from acquiring an active case of malaria
  • Repetitively kill ALL current infections present to lower the microbial burden on the individual’s immune system.
  • Improve the nutritional status to strengthen the immune system.
  • Repair defects in the immune system.
  • Reverse autoimmunities throughout especially in the liver, blood , immune system and GI tract.
  • Block the malaria parasite’s access to the liver and blood stream.
  • Constantly detoxify the person.
  • Block any toxic exposure of the person.

The above are just a few of the quantum modes of action of how MalariaSafe™ is programmed to help protect the individual against malaria.

Summary of the Strategic Advantages of MalariaSafe™:

The following are the strategic advantages of using downloadable MalariaSafe™ to annihilate malaria on a global scale:

  • Extremely low cost! With cooperative humanitarian effort it should not be too difficult to get the PAK™ downloads delivered to the needy on a once a month basis.
  • Lack of compliance is a non-issue: data uploaded via only one PAK™ download every 10 days is required to keep that person protected against malaria. After six months of uninterrupted monthly vaccination the user achieves maximum protection but must continue monthly vaccination to maintain that protection.
  • Works on a quantum level within the multiple realms of the body.
  • Completely safe for all ages including infants and women who are pregnant.
  • Misuse will cause no harm.
  • No possibility of resistance developing because our quantum information technology does not work through chemical action or metabolic means. As a result, the quantum vaccine is completely invisible to the invading organism. MalariaSafe™ works completely in a stealth mode! What the parasite cannot see it cannot develop resistance to.
  • Unlimited supply.
  • Completely compatible with human host physiology that operates on the basis of quantum physics.
  • Repeater programming ensures consistent potency and duration of action
  • Does not require a diagnostic work-up or a clinic visit. The massive killing power of the vaccine covers most infectious issues indigenous to people in the malaria zones.
  • No need for a person to go the a health facility to receive vaccination. The person can be vaccinated directly from a personal computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • QuantumMAN's MalariaSafe™ malaria vaccine helps restore the host's terrain by improving the immune system of even malnourished individuals. Chemical agents simply do not address this most important aspect of vaccination.
  • Unavailability of labs is a big concern as there is no need to screen the vaccine for toxicity unlike drug vaccines.
  • Over/under dosing is not a problem as we have simplified the treatment by having one optimal set of downloads. Therefore under dosing does not occur unless the person simply does not get the downloads in the first place. There is no toxicity or adverse effects that can result from "over dosing."
  • No complications are possible.
  • Does not require pharmaco-vigilance due to the incredible safety profile of this treatment.
  • Highly efficacious. Protected from counterfeiting.
  • Minimal knowledge required for its use...just the instructions listed below.
  • Environmental and logistic constraints minimized by ease of transport, unlimited shelf life, and ease of prolonged storage.

QuantumMAN™'s Humanitarian Effort

For the nominal fee of $5 USD per month per individual, QuantumMAN™ will provide as many MalariaSafe™ malaria vaccines as are necessary to humanitarian organizations who would distribute these vaccines to those at risk and in need. Or for the nominal fee of $25 qualified individuals may obtain a 6 month course of treatment (utilizes 18 PAK™ downloads each allowing data uploads of 10-day duration of action). QuantumMAN™ understands that a vast majority of people at risk and in need can little afford such an advanced technology.

Order QuantumMAN™'s downloadable MalariaSafe™ now! Save the children and innocents... stop the slaughter of nearly 3000 children daily!! Help is only a download away! QuantumMAN™ and his magnificent MalariaSafe™ is at your service. In fact, QuantumMAN™ guarantees your complete satisfaction for a lifetime after purchase or your money is refunded.

QuantumMAN™'s MalariaSafe™ malaria vaccine: $25 USD (utilizes 3 PAK™ downloads each allowing data uploads of 10-day duration of action for 1 month course of treatment)

Or order a MalariaSafe™ 6 month course of treatment for $100 (utilizes 18 PAK™ downloads each allowing data uploads of 10-day duration of action)

With Financial Assistance approval: QuantumMAN™'s MalariaSafe™ malaria vaccine: $5 USD (utilizes 3 PAK™ downloads each allowing data uploads of 10-day duration of action for 1 month course of treatment)

Or with Financial Assistance approval order a MalariaSafe™ 6 month course of treatment for $25 (utilizes 18 PAK™ downloads each allowing data uploads of 10-day duration of action for 1 month course of treatment)

IMPORTANT! All newborns, infants and pregnant women in malaria zones should be vaccinated with MalariaSafe™ now!

To Order QuantumMAN’s MalariaSafe™

  • Click the "order now" button if you are NEITHER a humanitarian organization nor a person requiring special financial assistance. Cost is $25 for a 1 month vaccination set of three (3) MalariaSafe™ PAK™ downloads each allowing data uploads of 10-day duration of action. Or obtain a 6 month vaccination set of eighteen (18) MalariaSafe™ PAK™ downloads for $100.
  • Click the "Financial Assistance" link should you be a humanitarian organization or an individual requiring Financial Assistance in acquiring QuantumMAN™'s downloadable MalariaSafe™. To those qualified, the cost is $5 for a 1 month vaccination set of 3 MalariaSafe™ PAK™ downloads each allowing data uploads of 10-day duration of action. Or obtain a MalariaSafe™ 6 month course of treatment for $20 with Financial Assistance (utilizing 18 PAK™ downloads each allowing data uploads of 10-day duration of action). After payment is made and accepted, you will then be sent, by email, a special access code that locks in this special assistance monthly rate for 1 year. Special access code must be used at time of purchase.
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MalariaSafe™ (Malaria Vaccine)

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$25 USD

($5 USD with financial aid approval)

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Quantum Weight Control

MalariaSafe™ (Malaria Vaccine)

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$100 USD

($20 USD with financial aid approval)

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Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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