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Obesity is a symptom not a disease

The entire problem of health professionals in dealing with obesity has been that they keep claiming that "obesity causes diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc". This is incorrect. Obesity is just another symptom... what is causing the person's obesity is also causing the diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc." This is a critical distinction to make because obesity becomes the target where the health professional takes aim rather than addressing the underlying biological dysfunctions that cause obesity. Thus, obesity receives symptomatic treatment rather than curative treatment. As with most symptomatic treatments, the symptom often returns because the cause was not corrected. In the case of obesity, the person, through multiple weight loss efforts, keeps regaining more weight than originally lost. It is our mission to change that scenario through providing an understanding of the numerous and complex factors that give arise to an individual becoming obese.

The Leading Cause of Obesity is Fungus

ZAG, the private humanitarian medical research group that employs QuantumMAN™, has discovered numerous underlying causes for excessive weight retention and obesity. However, ZAG has made the monumental discovery that the leading cause of obesity is fungus. Fungus is intended to be a normal friendly inhabitant of your intestinal tract that lives in a symbiotic relationship and balance with your other gut flora, its bacteria. However, Dr. Iwata at the University of Tokyo in the 1950's discovered that this friendly fungal flora can overgrow due to a number of factors. When this fungal flora overgrows it can then mutate into an unfriendly form that releases toxins. It is these toxins that cause a systemic multiple endocrinopathy that slows your metabolism resulting in the person piling on the unnecessary pounds and medical problems associated with obesity. To cure obesity you must correct the slowed metabolism by restoring the normal balance of the gut flora once again. You must also repair the person's immune system that allowed these overgrowths to occur in the first place so the re-balancing is permanent. This includes also re-balancing any bacterial overgrowths that have occurred in the meantime. Sometimes parasites have established residence in the GI tract as well and must be eliminated to allow the ecological balance of gut flora to be re-established.

Although the ZAG team of medical researchers have known for decades that gut flora plays the key role in obesity, it was only recently that the outside scientific world started to appreciate this critical fact. Scientists led by Andrew Gewirtz at Emory University have lately discovered that normal weight mice transplanted with the gut flora from obese mice ended up getting heavier. Moreover, Gerwitz' team of scientists discovered that the inoculated mice with obese gut flora developed signs of metabolic syndrome that included the symptoms of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Previous mice studies by Jeffrey Gordon at Washington University demonstrated that mice fed a diet high in fat and sugar found dramatic and rapid weight increases in less than a day with a shift in their gut flora. Finally the outside scientific world is starting to realize that healthier flora means healthier weight. However, these scientists are yet to realize that fungus is the major player among the gut flora to be reckoned with as it is so aggressively opportunistic.

The Doughboy Phenomenon

ZAG has also discovered that this fattening fungal overgrowth acts collectively as a manipulative parasite. It actually manipulates the obese individual to crave the foods that nourish the fungi's growth. Evidence of fungal manipulation is well known in nature. For example, when the Ophiocordyceps fungus infects the Camponotus leonardi ants, it causes them to climb to the top of the canopy of the rainforest in which they reside. The fungal infection then causes the ants to lock their jaws clamped to the leaf veins of the tree by "freezing" their muscles. The fungus then kills the ant wherein the fungus emerges from the ant carcass to release its spores into the wind above the tree forest canopy.

Fungus is one of the most aggressive and intelligent organisms on Earth. It is an extreme opportunist in the human body. When the immune system is compromised, fungus is the first organism in the GI tract to overgrow. When it overgrows its colonies require nutrients and lots of water to continue to thrive. They subsequently cause the person to desire the fungal foods and beverages they thrive on (see St. Gallen Diet™). Their expanded colonization first appears as rapid weight gain due to this water retention phenomenon. Then eventual fat storage occurs due to the slowing of the person's metabolism as a result of the infection.

ZAG has called this fungal phenomenon that is the leading cause of obesity "The Doughboy Phenomenon". Like the Pillsbury® doughboy that plumps up due to yeast (a fungal family member), so does the obese individual who feasts on fungal foods. Therefore, it is imperative for the obese individual to understand this phenomenon and the reason the St. Gallen Diet™ is critical in the cure of the person's obesity and long term weight management in general by starving the fungus to death. However, diet alone will not control the fungus by the time obesity has occurred. It is too well established and has markedly altered the person's metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary to kill the fungus in yet a more aggressive manner while carefully restoring the gut flora and metabolism back to normal. This requires the intervention of Quantum Weight Control™, ZAG's multi-faceted quantum development that helps destroy the fungal overgrowth and medically corrects the person's metabolism. Moreover, Quantum Weight Control™ has many more problems to tackle when it comes to controlling obesity. It must also address the multiplicity of other underlying causes that ZAG has also discovered to be responsible for obesity. ZAG has come to realize that unless you identify and treat all of the underlying problems contributing to that person's weight problem, the problem will not be permanently resolved.

Other Underlying Causes of Obesity

Aside from fungus as being the leading cause of obesity, ZAG has discovered a myriad of other related problems that also require being addressed. Due to proprietary reasons, only a few of these are revealed at this time:

  • Genetic redisposition
  • Multiple endocrinopathies (hormonal imbalances)
  • Food and/or environmental allergies or sensitivities
  • Immune system dysfunctions
  • Stress
  • Emotional and/or psychological issues
  • etc.....

The key to successful treatment of obesity as indicated above is to address each of the issues above simultaneously. Every part of your body is biologically interconnected and regulated by your brain. If the treatment is just symptomatic like the fad diets, diet supplements claiming to burn fat and other fat gimmicks or the extreme measure of gastric bypass surgery, the results could be harmful. Obesity is too complex to have a one size fits all approach. Repeated efforts to lose weight using symptomatic measures simply creates the so-called "yo-yo" syndrome that actually slows the person's metabolism further by aggravating obesity's underlying causative factors. Fortunately, ZAG's highly evolved information technology is capable of re-programming the brain in specific ways to address each and every one of the above causative factors of obesity. See "New Technology Reprograms the Brain". Enabling the brain to correct your body's multiple dysfunctions will result in a permanent, slimmer you.

The Myriad of metabolic events responsible for obesity are summarized in ZAG's Obesity Flow Chart of Causes™. These are the events (and more) that Quantum Weight Control™ addresses in providing the most advanced approach to weight management.

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