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Revolutionary Quantum Alchemy!

ZAG (Zurich Alpine Group) is the private humanitarian medical research group that employs QuantumMAN™. ZAG developed a radical new quantum information technology derived from quantum physics. From this technology evolved the "Portal Access Key™"(PAK™) that can be downloaded to your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. The Portal Access Key™ unlocks a quantum portal developed by ZAG that allows bioinformation to flow from ZAG's quantum computer directly to the neural network of your brain, another quantum computer, via quantum teleportation. This quantum data delivers physiologic directives that program the brain to effect a medical solution. See the diagram below that illustrates the overall process of this novel medicine delivery system. Moreover, according to quantum physics, information is "what makes up all things." See YouTube video below What the Bleep Do We Know Superposition (2:00-3:00). QuantumMAN™ is the portal for this data guarding access to the QuantumXtreme™ medicines developed by ZAG. ZAG's quantum downloadable medicines are more potent than prescription drugs without their toxicity. Furthermore, nearly all QuantumXtreme™ medicines have repeater programming embedded in their data that allows delivery of their physiologic directives several times a day, up to 30 days, with extreme precision and no loss of potency. As a result, the compliance resulting from ease of use of QuantumXtreme™ medicines far exceeds that of conventional pharmaceuticals.

Diagram of Quantum Medicine Delivery

Portal Access Key™ Unlocks The Power of the Brain to Heal the Body

The Portal Access Key™ unlocks and opens ZAG's quantum portal to allow product specific bioinformation to travel via quantum teleportation from ZAG's quantum computer directly to your brain's neural network as described earlier. Therefore the PAK™ allows the delivery of information rather than toxic chemicals to the host. Therefore, all QuantumXtreme™ medicines consist entirely of information and, as such, are totally devoid of any possibility of adverse side effects. Moreover, increased potency and efficacy is achieved because QuantumXtreme™ medicines program the brain to carry out their directives with extreme precision. The QuantumXtreme™ medicines therefore use brain power to effect medical results rather than chemically assault the body with symptomatic attacks. QuantumXtreme™ medicines reach into all realms of the body. On the other hand, primitive drugs, herbs and supplements deliver their chemistry only to the physical realm of the human body with their inherent chemical risk of toxicity to the host's terrain increasing as their dose increases. Yet, QuantumXtreme™ medicines are incapable of causing any adverse side effects no matter how high their dosage may be taken due to the quantum safeguards built into their programming. As a result, QuantumXtreme™ medicines delivered via their Portal Access Key™ provide superior efficacy with absolutely no risk of any collateral damage to the host. The Portal Access Key™ truly is the new paradigm in safety and efficacy for a medicine delivery system that allows disease to be approached with a whole new outlook of hope and wonderment.

What Is "Quantum Teleportation?"

In Time Magazine’s September 09, 2010 issue, the article China’s Great (Quantum) Leap Forward was compelling proof at that time that quantum teleportation was a present day reality and a rapidly expanding technological achievement of monumental importance. Then more recently, a September 07, 2013 article in Science News titled Device Gives Info a Quantum Leap reveals that “physicist Andreas Wallraff at ETH Zurich and his team have created the first solid-state device, similar to a computer chip, that is capable of teleporting quantum information..” Nonetheless, ZAG is literally light years ahead of these developments described in this later article with ZAG having the ability to quantumly teleport bioinformation globally and successfully have dialog with the brain’s neural network for the humanitarian mission of restoring health and well-being to the world. The following is the above article in its entirety:

Quantum teleportation approaches the computer chip | Matter & Energy

Researchers transmit information from one tiny circuit to another

By Andrew Grant

Web edition: August 14, 2013 
Print edition: September 7, 2013; Vol.184 #5 (p. 9)

Quantum teleportation is on its way to becoming routine. New work demonstrates that quantum information can teleport on demand, using for the first time a device that closely resembles a computer chip.

The techniques laid out in two new studies are major steps toward developing quantum computers and ensuring secure communication over quantum networks, says physicist Eugene Polzik of the University of Copenhagen, who was not involved in either study.

Unlike Star Trek’s transporters, quantum teleportation does not physically transport objects. Instead it shuttles information about the properties of an object and incorporates those properties into a new object. For a simple particle like a photon, that’s just as effective as moving it: A photon that has the same polarization, energy and other attributes as another photon might as well be the same photon.

Quantum teleportation is not easy to accomplish because the properties of quantum particles are so fragile. A sender can’t simply measure a particle and share those properties with a receiver because the act of measuring changes the particle. In 1997 physicists developed a technique that achieved quantum teleportation, at least occasionally — a very small percentage of the desired information actually got transported. Since then physicists have successfully teleported photons over increasing distances through fiber-optic cables (SN: 6/30/12, p. 10), but the process remains inconsistent.

Now physicist Andreas Wallraff at ETH Zurich and his team have created the first solid-state device, similar to a computer chip, that is capable of teleporting quantum information. The chip contains tiny circuits that each behave like an atom. The circuits are connected by millimeters-long transmission lines carrying microwave radiation, which entangles the circuits so that the properties of one affect the other. By programming a bit of quantum information into circuit A, Wallraff and his team changed the signal arriving at circuit B. They could then use that changed signal to determine the original properties of circuit A and transfer them to circuit B.

Most importantly, Wallraff’s teleportation system successfully transports information in nearly every attempt, and it can do it roughly 10,000 times per second, an unprecedented rate. The study appears in the Aug. 15 Nature.

In another study in the same issue, an international team led by physicist Akira Furusawa of the University of Tokyo successfully transported information between photons with near-perfect success, or 50 times as efficient as previous experiments. Polzik says such a technique could be pivotal for quantum computers.


Quantum View

An ant provides scale in this false-color electron micrograph of the first solid-state device capable of quantum teleportation.

Credit: Jonas Mlynek/ETH Zurich


Moving Data

A false-color micrograph shows one of the tiny circuits used in teleportation experiments.

Credit: Arkady Fedorov, Lars Steffen/ETH Zurich



L. Steffen et al. Deterministic quantum teleportation with feed-forward in a solid state system. Nature. August 15, 2013. doi: 10.1038/nature12422. [Go to]

S. Takeda et al. Deterministic quantum teleportation of photonic quantum bits by a hybrid technique. Nature. August 15, 2013. doi: 10.1038/nature12366. [Go to]

Suggested Reading

A. Witze. Quantum teleportation leaps forward. Science News. Vol. 181, June 30, 2012, p. 10. [Go to]

T. Siegfried, L. Sanders. Quantum weirdness. Science News. Vol. 178, November 20, 2010, p. 20. [Go to]

Admittedly quantum physics is weird especially the new reality technically called "quantum entanglement" which permits how two objects can be mysteriously entwined across great distances. The existence of the phenomenon of entanglement has been repeatedly affirmed over the years beginning in 1935 with physicists Erwin Schrodinger introducing the term of entanglement while Einstein and colleagues Podolsky and Rosen publishing their observations in Physical Review (SNL: 5/11/35). ZAG then developed its powerful technology utilizing this phenomenon that allows quantum bioinformation to be teleported around the globe via quantum computing. Entanglement is the basis of this ability to teleport quantum data from one physical location to another including the interface of the brain's neural network. Teleportation was first proposed in the scientific literature in 1993 by Charles Bennett and his colleagues. Teleportation was later experimentally verified in 1997 by Austrian quantum physicist Anton Zellinger and Colleagues in Nature.

The quantum teleportation of data from ZAG's massive library of master programs to your brain's neural network is effected by unlocking ZAG's quantum portal. This portal was developed to facilitate the quantum teleportation of bioinformation from ZAG's quantum computer to your brain, another quantum computer. This teleportation is achieved utilizing photons. In Time Magazine's September 09, 2010 issue, the article China's Great (Quantum) Leap Forward is compelling proof that quantum teleporation is a present day reality and a rapidly expanding technological achievement of monumental importance. While China and the US appear to be in a race to expand this technology for military purposes, ZAG is literally light years ahead in its ability to quantumly communicate globally and successfully have dialog with the brain's neural network for the humanitarian mission of restoring health and well-being to the world.

ZAG has quietly cultivated these phenomena and deliberately avoided scientific publication of its work until the intended release of its collaborative QuantumMANsite website. ZAG's development of its portal and Portal Access Key™ is the culmination of its discoveries in its quantum research that now brings the world a monumental new medicine delivery system that teleports quantum bioinformation from its massive library of master programs to the neural network of an individual's brain via quantum computing. In otherwords, ZAG has learned how to reprogram the brain, a highly complex quantum computer, via teleportation of quantum bioinformation without any possibility of adverse side-effects to a human or animal species. To summarize, quantum teleportation is defined by Wikipedia as a "technique used to transfer quantum in formation from one quantum system to another."

The Portal Access Key™ Unlocks Exponentially Big Savings for The Consumer

Not only does the Portal Access Key™ unlock access to QuantumXtreme™ medicines that provide superior efficacy with no toxicity but medicines that deliver results that are far more affordable and have a longer duration of action than any generic drug, prescription brand name drug, supplement, herb or potion. The costs of ZAG's QuantumXtreme™ medicines are exponentially less expensive than Big Pharma medications and their generic counterparts.

ZAG's Quantum Technology Has Been Extensively Tested and Proven Clinically in Numerous Different Applications

It is important to note that ZAG has quietly tested its incredible technology extensively for several years in clinical trials globally before finally introducing it to the public. Numerous different medical applications of its QuantumXtreme™ medicines have been tested in a wide array of dosages. Many discoveries were made along the way that lead to new product developments. One discovery was that a number of the master programs for the downloads seems to have an intelligence that allows them to seek and find medical solutions on their own. Another discovery is the extremely broad range of products that continue to be developed with no limits seen to the possibilities. As a result, ZAG predicts that it will eventually replace all pharmaceuticals with safe quantum downloadable medications to bring the world to a better place.

Watch the following YouTube videos that further explain the above phenomena of quantum mechanics (physics), quantum entanglement and quantum teleportation and then find them all tied together via the "unified field":


Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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