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Female Hormone Replacement Therapy is Dangerous in All Chemical Forms

QSHE Female Hormone Replacement
QSHE™ (Female Hormone Replacement)
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According to Lina Steinrud Mörch of Copenhagen University and her associates, all hormone therapy, regardless of the formulation, estrogen dose, progestin type, dosage regimen, route of administration appears to raise the risk of ovarian cancer, a highly fatal disease, by 30%-58% (JAMA 2009;302:298-305). Their national 10 year cohort study involved nearly 1 million Danish women.

Bio-Identical Hormones Are Dangerous

Natural hormones that are plant derived from yam or soy are bio-identical to that of humans. That means that they have the exact same chemical structure and are molecularly identical to those produced by the human body. Manufacturers and compounding pharmacies claim that bio-identical hormones are safer than standard FDA-approved hormone therapy because they are from mother nature. These pharmacies and manufacturers produce mixtures of products, forms and compounds that haven't received FDA approval and subsequently haven't been tested for purity, potency, efficacy and safety and may even contain contaminants. If these plant derived human hormones are molecularly identical, it seems clear that they pose at least the same threat, if not greater (due to lack of testing), than the standard hormone therapy which now has proven dangers as noted above by Ms. Mörch and her associates. A natural source of chemicals does not make the chemical safer if the chemical is structurally identical. The problem is the chemistry itself not the source. Scientists just haven't got it right yet to expect chemicals to solve medical problems without expecting considerable collateral damage to the host. Clearly, new technology needs to come to the rescue to provide a solution for efficacious female hormone replacement therapy in light of these dangers.

Radical New Technology Provides Safe Female Hormone Replacement Therapy

Symptoms of menopause can be quite troublesome: They include the following:

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • vaginal dryness
  • loss of concentration
  • loss of memory
  • sleep disturbances
  • diminished sex drive
  • loss of energy

Clearly something needs to be done to address these symptoms without replacing them with drug side-effects or causing the patient to develop cancer. Fortunately, ZAG, the private humanitarian medical research group that employs QuantumMAN™, has developed a radical new quantum information technology that provides a safe, efficacious solution to female hormone replacement therapy: QSHE™. You simply purchase QSHE™ and receive a number its "Portal Access Keys™" (PAKs™). Accessing these PAKs™ via your personal computer, smartphone or tablet allows your body to quantumly receive (upload) QSHE™'s master programs. QuantumMAN™ personifies this quantum data which provides physiologic directives to "quantumize" the optimum amounts of the female hormones actually required by the individual. Since a female's daily hormonal requirements vary from person to person and fluctuate daily, her needs are best optimized by quantum replacement that satisfies these requirements. The body draws on the quantum reservoir of hormones created as it needs them. Laboratory measurements are crude methods of assessing the true needs of an individual as the target requirements are always in flux. Moreover, they simply do not measure or reflect hormone levels on the quantum level.

QSHE™ provides the optimal delivery system of female hormone therapy to the multiple realms within the body. QSHE™ consists of a monthly PAK™ that quantumly delivers (uploads) literally hundreds of directives that program the body to optimize the delivery of the body's stored sex hormones and provide new ones on a quantum level for distribution when and where needed. Moreover, the programs quantumly received (uploaded) via the PAKs™ are designed with unique repeater programs that provide their directives multiple times a day for 30 days with one dose. No need for taking or applying something everyday. And most importantly, aside from the superior efficacy of QSHE™, its use poses absolutely no risk whatsoever to the client. Therefore, you can never overdose or overuse this product unlike the chemical based hormone delivery systems. In fact, it is an ideal product to use as an anti-aging routine to help maintain optimum sex hormone levels no matter what your age may be. Terrific for optimizing athletic endeavors legally! Within the first month of use, you will notice a significant improvement in your menopausal symptoms and energy levels as well. In fact, QuantumMAN™ provides his usual congenial 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the downloads in any way.

The entire universe including the human body and maladies that afflict it operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Chemical based treatment systems (including "natural" supplements) do not operate according to those principles and, as such, are not compatible with human physiology as evidenced by their toxicity, especially at higher doses. The advantages of QSHE™ are as follows:

  • highly efficacious
  • works on a quantum level within the multiple realms of the body
  • not a mimic but the exact bio-equivalence of the female hormones (estrogen, progesterone & testosterone)
  • no risk of any adverse side-effects
  • safe for all ages
  • safe to use with other medications and medical conditions
  • safe to use as an anti-aging regime in maintaining optimum sex hormone levels at any age
  • ideal to use for athletic endeavors requiring optimal sex hormones levels
  • safe even for pregnant women and the unborn fetus
  • repeater programming ensures consistent potency and duration of action
  • cost effective
  • satisfaction guaranteed
  • clinically tested and proven

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most people who have symptoms of female hormone deficiencies may actually suffer from a number of autoimmunities attacking their female reproductive system. QuantumMAN™ therefore recommends that nearly every woman is advised to also purchase his SHEjuvenate™ (Female Reproductive System Autoimmunity Reversal Set). This set reprograms the brain to reverse any and all female reproductive system autoimmunities that may be present and to prevent future ones from occurring due to a dysfunctional immune system. This is a permanent reversal of these autoimmunities that then allows the victim cells, targeted organs and tissues to regenerate to healthy functioning tissues wherein the quantum female hormone replacement then becomes even more efficacious. For a more in depth discussion of SHEjuvenate™, click here.

Don't delay! Finally a safe alternative for female hormone replacement therapy is just a download away.


QuantumMAN™'s QSHE™ (Quantum Female Hormone Replacement): $30 USD per dose (one dose has 30-day duration of action)

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QSHE™ (Female Hormone Replacement)
(1 dose)

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$30 USD

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Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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