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Instantly Diagnose and Treat Your Sick Pet at Home Using Only Your Smartphone

Quantum Veterinarian
Convert your cell phone ( desktop, tablet or laptop) to a personal medical tricorder to instantly diagnose and treat your pet at home via radical new technology.
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Let QuantumVET™ Be the First Vet You Visit

Whenever your pet gets sick (in case you haven't been using QuantumVET™ as a preventative), let QuantumVET™ be the first vet you visit.  Instant access to QuantumVET™ will result in prompter recovery for your suffering pet.

The Numerous Advantages of Using QuantumVET™

The advantages of using QuantumVET™ are as follows:

  • Highly efficacious for all species of animals including birds and reptiles.
  • Ultimate in convenience
  • Less traumatic for your pet
  • Total privacy
  • Treats the underlying causes of your pet's symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves
  • Ends the taking of prescription medications and the problems associated with their use and administration.
  • Cures medical issues that have been previously treated symptomatically
  • No adverse side effects possible with quantum medications
  • Safe for all pets of all ages and pedigree
  • Safe for pregnant animals and their fetus
  • Guaranteed results!
  • Compatible with animal physiology
  • Holistic approach
  • Cost effective...a mere fraction of what a vet would likely charge
  • Upload as many doses to enhance quantum potency as desired without concern of overdose
  • Ideal preventative... simply upload your pet's 5 day dosing schedule once monthly for keeping your pet healthy.
  • Ideal for that pet with a "mystery illness" for which the veterinarian profession may have failed to find a cure or solution.

Remote Assessment Available for Your Pet

For a limited time, a FREE remote medical assessment of your pet is available. Click on "Ask The Doctor" and provide the doctor the species, age and name of your pet to receive the assessment.  Mention any troubling symptoms you may be concerned about. The doctor will usually respond within 24 hours depending on work load.


Quantum Alchemy... Conversion of Chemicals to Data

Quantum physics teaches that all drugs, chemicals, even food is broken down to data before the cells at the subatomic level can utilize these drugs, chemicals or food. We live and operate in a world of data sharing and exchange. ZAG has discovered how to convert chemicals to pure data and then transfer that data from its quantum computer and upload it to your pet’s brain, another quantum computer. ZAG’s radical new technology turns your smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet into a tricorder that not only rapidly diagnoses your pet’s medical problems but  rapidly administers the appropriate treatment consisting of pure data.

QuantumVET™ consists of a set of Portal Access Keys (PAKs) downloaded to your smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.  These PAKs™ allow you to open a portal that allows master programs to be transferred from ZAG's quantum computer to your pet's brain to run a set of diagnostics to determine exactly what is causing your pet's symptom(s). With that diagnostic information, these master programs then use their quantum intelligence to access the vast number of other master programs in ZAG's quantum library in order to select those programs necessary for administering treatment. These programs are then immediately delivered to your pet's neural network multiple times a day for 5 days due to specific repeater programs embedded in all master programs. It is recommended for all pets that treatment every 5 days by uploading PAKs™ be continued for a minimum of 30 days regardless whether all symptoms clear ahead of time. A dosing guide is provided below. Higher doses may be used with no concerns about overdosing. There is no guesswork with QuantumVET™ . Your pet's quantum computer (its brain) knows exactly what is going on and QuantumVET™ allows that information to be accessed. There is never any risk of adverse side effects nor possibility of overdose or toxicity to your beloved pet treating with pure data unlike medicines prescribed by traditional veterinarians. In fact, QuantumVET™ should be your first line of attack against any disease afflicting your pet. The sooner a medical issue of your pet is addressed, the quicker its recovery and the less it suffers.

QuantumMAN is so confident that you will be delighted using his QuantumVET™ for your pet's medical issues, that he guarantees your 100% satisfaction with the results for 30 days after purchase or your money is refunded.

A Quantum Operating System Requires a Quantum Solution

The entire universe including your pet's body and illness that attacks it operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Chemical based treatment systems do not operate according to those principles and, as such, are not compatible with animal physiology as evidenced by their adverse effects. In other words, medical treatment must be quantum compatible the same as having the right software for the operating system of a computer.

Pig Farms Breed Resistant Staph

Here is an example where use of chemicals (ie, the wrong operating system) in animals has dire consequences for humans:

According to recent studies, scientists are warning livestock farmers about the overuse of livestock antibiotics "could seriously harm human health." Below is a compelling article about the role livestock farmers play in creating methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an extremely dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria. Livestock farmers are strongly encouraged to use QuantumVET™ which will treat and all infections without causing antibiotic resistance.

Read the Article at Discover Magazine here.

Don't delay! The cure for your pet's medical problem is just a download away!


Rhizo's Rapid Recovery

"Rhizo is a pedigree Pomeranian who's 1 1/2 years old. On Feb. 27th, I came home from work and there was no excited, barking, running or jumping dog to greet me. Rhizo was in his bed, lying down and with no zest. I had to shake him to get him to move. Rhizo's left nostril was wet, and his eyes were sad and he definitely looked sick. I quickly uploaded 3 QuantumVET PAKs to him and waited for positive results. Within a few minutes, Rhizo was perfectly fine, all signs of being ill vanished. Too remarkable!! Like a miracle!!

"On March 12, Rhizo looked sick, didn't want to eat, and did not want to stand up. I quickly had him uploaded with 3 PAKs of QuantumVET and 3 hours later, Rhizo is back to his normal self. Amazing!!"

S.A., Phoenix


Mokihana's Miracle

"Before my 9 year old mare, Mokihana, received the downloadable medicine, she suffered for over 3 months from severe diarrhea and was barely able to walk, couldn't bend her knees, very lethargic, cramped neck and back muscles and in constant pain. My calls to the veterinarian, changing her feed, doing a fecal test, etc. was of no help. Mokihana's diarrhea finally ended with a "home remedy" from a friend. However, she still struggled to walk and I saw pain in her eyes daily. After [my friend] talked to me about QuantumVET, I read the entire website that night, prayed about this healing method and received a comforting feeling. The very next day, we administered the 1st PAK. While holding my horse, I fervently prayed while the medicine was being downloaded. The next day, the first thing I immediately saw was that the pain I had seen in her eyes for so long was gone! The next morning, she walked to me. (Previously, she would just stand and could barely move). She was still limping but there was an extraordinary improvement in her movement. Before the 2nd PAK, she ran to me! Her back leg was still a little stiff but such improvement in a short time. By the third PAK, she was the vibrant, energetic, majestic Mokihana. I have resumed riding her weekly and she loves being able to run and play. My husband was a skeptic but he witnessed a modern day miracle....Mokihana's miracle. "

Adelaide, Hawaii



Charley's Close Call

"About a week and a half ago, our puppy, almost 8 months old, got really sick. My husband thought he was going to die. He called the vet and was going to take Charlie there but I told him to do 6 QuantumVETs. Charley was lethargic, and so limp that my husband thought for sure he was not going to make it. Twenty four minutes later, Charley walked out of the room he was laying in and wagged his tail and started eating. About an hour later he was in the yard running around, having fun. Then 2 days later, my son calls and says that Charley is not doing good, just not eating well. Told him to upload 6 PAKs and in no time he was up and running. The PAKs do work fine!!! (I was on a trip attending my nephew's wedding)"

Sue, Florida


Saving Siah

"I got Siah on June 21, 2012 from a breeder in Banks, Oregon when he was 8 1/2 weeks old. On the way home with him, I noticed him passing some gas. Four mornings after having him, Siah started vomiting but I thought he was adjusting to his new puppy food and he was still active. Four hours later, I noticed he had diarrhea. Two hours later when I had left and returned back home, I noticed more diarrhea and vomiting and he hadn't touched his food or water.

"Not knowing what to do, Dr. John was notified who then prescribed five QuantumVETs. After two hours there were no improvements. Siah was dehydrated and started foaming at his mouth, he started to upchuck green vile and his diarrhea was clear thick mucus with a shade of green that had an unusual odor. I placed another call to Dr. John who then prescribed five more QuantumVETs. At about an hour and forty-five minutes after the last five QuantumVETs, I immediately saw improvements and he was able to sleep through the night.

"The next morning was like a miracle. Siah was up wagging his tail, he was drinking water and eating his food. Comparing the first few days of having Siah till after the treatment I could see a definite change. Although he was a sweet little puppy the first day I got him he had an aura of an adult dog. After the treatment he seemed to have brighter eyes and just acted as a puppy should, Siah even seemed more energetic."

Kolo, Oregon


The Tale of Two Kitties

"I have two kitties who came to me as orphans:

"Willie came to me nine years ago. Recently he had intestinal problems with vomiting, no appetite and lethargy. I took him to the veterinarian. While there his food was changed. He developed sores around his mouth from the new food. His food was subsequently changed again after which he lost 2 pounds. He then contracted a cough for which he was given an antibiotic. Despite a 6 week's stay at the vet, Willie returned home still lethargic, poor appetite and now was constantly chewing himself to the point he had a 12 inch x 2 inch bare area on his hind quarters. After these symptoms persisted for 3 weeks, I then decided to treat him with QuantumVET. His appetite and energy returned. He regained his lost weight. He stopped chewing on himself and no longer has the bare area on his hind quarters after just 3 weeks.

"Sweetie is the other kitty who I found nearly 5 years ago. His right eye was 3/4th the way shut when I found him. There was cellophane wrapped around his back legs. I took him to the vet about his eye and legs. His legs were permanently damaged. He was given drops to put in his eye twice daily for 10 days. He fought the drops so that they couldn't be applied beyond two days. His eye continued to close further over time where it eventually became completely closed and watering. Sweetie also vomited several times, was lethargic and secluding himself to his pet bed. I then decided to treat him with QuantumVET. Fifteen minutes after treatment with QuantumVET, I saw him literally jump out of his pet bed and quickly walk over to me. The next morning he ate well, didn't vomit and his eye was completely open for the very first time in 5 years I owned him.

"I was amazed at how quickly both cats responded to QuantumVET without any side effects, trauma and treatment disappointment that had occurred from the visits to the vet. The 6 week stay at the vet for Willie cost me $2000 versus the nominal charge for QuantumVET with its money back guaranteed results.

"Thank goodness for QuantumVET!"

Dr. Debra, Minnesota


Rapid Wound Recovery

"On January 5th, 2013 about 10 am, my neighbor told me her cat was dying. I went over to see what she was talking about. I observed her cat lying down motionless. Upon closer inspection the cat appeared to have a deep open wound, about 2 inches long and an inch wide, on her side which was oozing a puss-like liquid. You could see that this was very serious as her fur was very wet from all of the discharge. I went home and got my smartphone and administered 5 QuantumVET PAKs. In the evening I went to see my neighbor. I asked her how the cat was doing. She said "Amazing!". "What do you mean amazing?" I inquired. She excitedly said that the cat was eating again and the healing process had begun. She also stated that the cat was now acting normal and running around. This took about 10 hours. Today I waited for a few hours to get some pictures of the cat and her infection. She finally came home and I observed that she was acting very normal. I laughed as she jumped up on my neighbor's brand new car. Here are a few pictures showing that the healing is almost complete. Today is the 22nd of January 2013."

Mike, Hawaii


Protects Your Pet Against 99% of All Disease

Your Pet May Be Sick and Not Know It!

Your pet may appear healthy but a vast majority of "healthy looking" pets are actually infected with parasites and other infections that do not manifest themselves until they overwhelm the pet and the pet finally appears "sick". Sometimes, by then, it is too late and euthanasia is recommended to end your beloved pet's suffering.  Often your vet bill becomes so high because the medical problem is in an advanced state of disease before it is discovered.

Protects Your Pet Against 99% of all Disease

When it comes to loving your pet and keeping it healthy,  nothing is truer than the old adage: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The usual "wormings" and vaccinations barely scratch the surface as to what is really required to keep your pet protected from disease. Your pet deserves so much better. QuantumVET™ is a quantum software program that is uploaded directly to your pet's brain to run a set of diagnostics and then select the physiologic directives that program your pet's brain to remove the causes of your pet's illness, if any illness exists. Running these programs every 5 days on an ongoing basis provides your pet protection against 99% of all disease. They will not need toxic vaccinations nor worming medication other than those legally required like rabies vaccination. Please read below about some of the master programs that protect your pet to help understand the incredible spectrum of protection QuantumVET™ provides.

Treats Disease With Data Not Drugs!

Because QuantumVET™ uses data to treat disease rather than drugs, it is completely safe to use QuantumVET™ on a continuous long term basis without concern for any adverse side effects. All chemicals even food all have to breakdown to data before the cells can utilize them.  The Zurich Alpine Group (ZAG) has discovered a way to convert drugs and other substances into data via quantum alchemy. This radical technology then affords the ability to protect your beloved pet in ways never before imagined possible.  The following is a list of just a few of the thousands of programs that provide your pet's neural network physiologic directives to afford such a broad claim of protection:                      

  • Provides the protection of an extreme spectrum of antimicrobials (over 300!) killing most of the pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
  • Balances pet's energy fields
  • Maximizes the pet's "Life Force"
  • Detoxification
  • Blocks effects of toxin exposure
  • Boosts adrenal functioning to 100%
  • Infuses optimal amounts of quantum vitamins, minerals and trace elements repetitively aligns entire skeletal system
  • Provides gene therapy as needed
  • Hormonal replacement and balancing
  • Reverses any autoimmunities that have of the major causes of disease and aging in animals and humans
  • Optimizes the immune system
  • Provides stem cell rehabilitation
  • Prevents cancer cell formation
  • Cleanses chakras
  • Provides stress management
  • Maximizes energy levels
  • Promotes cellular regeneration
  • Provides speed healing up to 100 times normal
  • etc.


PDFHow QuantumVET™ Works
PDFQuantumVET™ as Treatment
PDFQuantumVET™ as Preventative
PDFZAG Founder's Statement
PDFHow to Dose QuantumVET™
PDFQuantumVET™ Testimonials


Order a 30 day supply of PAK™ downloads for the kind of pet or animal you are treating. Review the Dosing Schedule below before ordering. Remember to dose every 5 days for a minimum of 30 days as each PAK™ has a 5 day duration of action.

Dosing Guidelines for QuantumVET™
(each dose has 5 days duration of action)

The following is the minimum recommended number of QuantumVET™ PAK™ downloads required for quantumly delivering (uploading) data to the type the animal you intend to treat. If the animal you desire to quantumly medicate is not on this list, you may use select the animal on the list closest in size and/or weight to the one you are attempting to treat for the approximate dose. When dosing you must be directly touching the animal prior to, and during, clicking the "unlock and launch portal" button and remain in contact with the animal until you are informed the upload dosing is "completed". For suitable animals they may be held on your lap during the upload process. Prevention dosing: Minimum dose for species every 5 days continuously and uninterrupted. Treatment dosing: Minimum dose or greater for species every 5 days for minimum of 30 days until the animal's condition has satisfactorily improved.


  • Use "Ask A Doctor" for on-line advice in using QuantumVET™ if needed.
  • If your pet's condition is severe, don't hesitate to double or triple the recommended minimum dosage.
Species Minimum Number of QuantumVET™ Portal Access Key™ (PAK™) Downloads Every 5 Days for a Minimum of 30 Days
Cats A minimum of 12 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 2 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Dogs A minimum of 18 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 3 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Sheep A minimum of 24 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 4 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Horses A minimum of 30 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 5 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Cows A minimum of 30 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 5 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Pigs A minimum of 30 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 5 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Chickens A minimum of 18 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 3 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Turtles A minimum of 12 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 2 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Small reptiles A minimum of 12 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 2 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Rabbits A minimum of 12 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 2 PAKs™ or more every 5 days.
Birds A minimum of 6 doses (PAKs™) required for every 30 days of treatment dosing a minimum of 1 PAK™ or more every 5 days.

Supercillin Vet

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Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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