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Compliance with the St. Gallen Diet™ will provide you significant returns on your efforts while you use any of the quantum medicines that recommend it. It is easy to inadvertently make a dietary mistake eating or drinking something that is contrary to the St. Gallen Diet™'s recommendations. Therefore, to assist you with your efforts in compliance, a personal computerized St. Gallen Diet Assistant™ named "Fritz" has been provided. Fritz requires you to daily complete the check list below of the foods and beverages that you may have eaten but should have avoided. Once you input all your information, Fritz will provide you a summary of the number of mistakes made and continue to tally them on a daily basis charting your progress graphically with a "compliance meter". Your goal should be to achieve 100% compliance to where the diet becomes second nature. Planning your meals ahead of time and making your dietary restrictions known at restaurants will go along ways in achieving compliance. Of course, it is an invaluable habit to develop in knowing the ingredients of everything you put into your mouth by asking questions at restaurants and reading labels of supplements, foods, beverages, etc. to know their ingredients.

Helpful hint: If you suffer a rapid weight gain in 1-2 days, it is nearly always due to water retention caused by a fungal overgrowth as a result of eating food and/or drinking beverages fungus likes for its nourishment. Fungus requires water to survive. When you feed your fungus the wrong foods in your diet, the increase in fungal overgrowth will cause water retention that is trapped in your tissues. One dietary indiscretion can set you back up to 3 days metabolically. Deprive the fungus of what it likes by sticking to the St. Gallen Diet™; and you will lose the water weight quickly due to fungal die-off. Moreover, the use of DietFix™ Diet Repair can assist you in reversing the metabolic impact caused by your indiscretions.

The Golden Egg AwardCoveted Award of Dietary Excellence

The Golden Egg Award™ is a prestigious recognition of dietary excellence, self discipline and compliance with the acclaimed St. Gallen Diet™. ZAG's chief St. Gallen Diet Assistant™, Fritz, awards this prize daily to participants who follow the St. Gallen Diet™ with 100% compliance. By completing the survey provided by Fritz of the foods and beverages you consume daily, awareness of your understanding and subsequent compliance with the all important St. Gallen Diet™ is documented. Fritz will provide you a verbal assessment of your dietary compliance and award those who are a 100% proficient in following the St. Gallen Diet™ the magnificent Golden Egg Award™. The more Golden Eggs™ you accumulate, the faster the results you will realize in the endeavor(s) you are pursuing to enhance your overall health and well-being while utilizing QuantumMAN™'s quantum medicines.

Instructions: Designate the day and date of the foods and beverages consumed. Then simply check the box next to the item you ate or drank that particular day. Fritz will then provide you a bar graph of your results and comment on your efforts for that particular day. Based on your score, Fritz will then recommend the number of doses to upload to minimize and/or reverse the metabolic impact suffered as a result of your dietary indiscretions. Of course, if you are 100% dietarily compliant with the St. Gallen Diet™ that day, you will be awarded The Golden Egg Award™.

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