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Stress Statistics

Quantum Stress Buster
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The world is certainly a stressful place to live. According to various different surveys stress is impacting our quality of life on a daily basis. The following are some of the statistics derived from these surveys:

  • 75% of the general population of the United States experiences at least some stress every two weeks.(National Health Interview Survey).

  • 73% of Americans experience great stress on a weekly basis according to a 1996 survey conducted by Prevention magazine.

  • 45% of teens ages 13-17 said they were more worried in 2009 than previous year. (American Psychological Association)

  • 26% of children ages 8-12 said they were more worried in 2009 than previous year. (APA)

  • 30% of children reported being worried about the family’s financial situation. (APA)

  • 45% of workers report that job insecurity has a significant impact on their stress levels. (APA)

  • 81% of workers list heavy workloads as a significant impact on stress levels.(APA)

  • 25% of workers have taken a mental health day to cope with stress.(APA)

  • One in 6 workers reported being “angry enough to hit a co-worker”.(APA)

  • 40% of workers report that their job is “very or extremely” stressful. (Survey by Northwestern National Life).

  • 29% of workers report they feel “quite a bit or extremely stressed”at work. (Survey done by Yale University).

  • 75% of American adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month (2009) (APA).

Health Effects of Stress

There is no question that untethered stress can cause adverse health effects. Stress has a direct impact on your adrenal glands that control your immune system. Wear out your adrenals and your immune system subsequently suffers opening the door to all sorts of medical issues. The following are statistics resulting from a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association in 2009 when the adults surveyed reported the following physical effects of stress:

  • 43% report fatigue
  • 34% report headaches
  • 45% report irritability or anger
  • 47% report lying awake at night
  • 34% report feeling sad or depressed
  • 32% report feeling as though they could cry
  • 27% report upset stomach or indigestion
  • 40% report lack of interest, motivation or energy

Stress also contributes to the development of alcoholism, obesity, suicide, drug addiction, cigarette addiction, and other such harmful behaviors. Moreover, stress contributes to:

  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • strokes
  • other illnesses

Causes of Stress

According to a survey taken by the APA, the following are the typical causes of stress in American adults:

  • money concerns (73%)
  • work (62%)
  • providing for family’s needs (50%)
  • health problems (70% women; 63% men)

Based on your life experiences and the belief system you develop that all contributes to your development as an unique individual defines your personal tolerance of stress. Your beliefs will determine whether you will take a negative view or adopt a positive outlook throughout life It is how you perceive and react to stress that determines stress’ overall impact on you and your health.

Your Brain Processes Information and The Way Excessive Stress Impacts Your Health

The human brain has two basic functional characteristics..the conscious and subconscious mind that work together to process information. The conscious mind is your rational thinking mind that acknowledges the outside world and its surroundings. It primarily functions to process and validate the accuracy of new information that’s continuing being received from all your senses both external (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) or internal senses ( sweats, stomach pain, etc). The conscious mind does this by comparing the new information against all your stored facts, beliefs and memories from past experiences. Once it has an impression of the new information, it is passed to the subconscious mind for processing and action.

The subconscious mind on the other hand has no reasoning ability, but is entirely goal oriented. It regulates and controls all of your body’s involuntary physical and emotional processes according to your mental database of facts, beliefs and memories. When new validated information is received, the subconscious mind takes two primary actions. It updates that information as a new fact or belief, and then it generates the body’s physical and emotional response to that new fact. In regards to body stressors, it is therefore how the mind perceives and processes the stressor that results in just how that stressor impacts the body and its health.

Radical New Technology Reprograms The Mind In How It Handles Stress

ZAG, the humanitarian medical research group that employs QuantumMAN™, has developed a radical new quantum information technology that is able to communicate with human and animal brains. ZAG has created biosoftware that utilizes "Portal Access Keys™" (PAKs™) that are accessed via your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. When you purchase QuantumMAN's Stress Buster™, you receive a number of these PAKs™ that allow your body to quantumly receive (upload) Stress Buster™'s master programs. This quantum information consists of physiologic directives that programs your brain to defuse and/or minimize every known stressor negatively impacting your health and attitude. ZAG's clinical trials reveal that trial subjects employing Stress Buster™ found themselves unbelievably feeling free of stress and handling severe stressors such as home foreclosure, divorce, financial crisis or a combination thereof with complete calm and composure!

QuantumMAN™ personifies this quantum information biosoftware derived from quantum physics. The entire universe including the human body and disease or events that affects it operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Since the brain is essentially a computer with a quantum operating system, it requires similar compatibility in order to communicate with it. Chemical based operating systems such as prescription calmatives or herbal products do not operate according to the principles of quantum physics and are therefore not compatible with human physiology as evidenced by their adverse side effects. As a result, they should be strictly avoided.

During the last few years the world ’s population has seen unprecedented stressors affecting it. Finally there is a method of coping with such stressors which seem inescapable for many. Stress Buster™ will create in you a calm, peace of mind and the enhanced ability to better cope with what life dishes out to you. Each download of Stress Buster™ lasts 10 days with each download running its “repeater” programs multiple times a day automatically for the entire 10 days!

Other Advantages of Stress Buster™

  • superior efficacy to most prescription drugs
  • no possibility of any adverse side effects regardless of dose
  • no addiction liability
  • no tolerance develops
  • repeater programming ensures consistent potency and duration of action
  • inexpensive
  • rapid onset of action
  • all purpose: treats stressors of all kinds
  • safe for children, the elderly and pregnant women
  • no withdrawal symptoms associated with long term use
  • no prescription necessary
  • overdoing is impossible
  • satisfaction guaranteed
  • clinically tested and proven
  • compatible with all medical conditions and other medications
  • no contraindications

Stress relief is just a download away! Don't delay! Order Stress Buster™ now to thoroughly destress your life! QuantumMAN™ guarantees your complete satisfaction for 30 days following your purchase of Stress Buster™ or your money is refunded.


How to dose Stress Buster™

  • If you consider the stress you’re under “Mild”, then download a minimum of 1 Stress Buster™ download every 10 days as needed.

  • If you consider the stress you’re under “Moderate”, then download a minimum of 3 Stress Buster™ downloads every 10 days as needed.

  • If you considerate the stress you’re under “Severe”,then download a minimum of 5 Stress Buster™ downloads every 10 days as needed.

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Stress Buster™

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$15 USD

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Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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