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Weapon of Mass Germ Destruction

Supercillin™ (Extreme Spectrum Antimicrobial)
10 day downloadable antimicrobial coverage against most pathogenic fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses. More...
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Clinical Trials

QuantumMAN™’s arsenal harbors the most technologically advanced weaponry in the fight against disease mankind has ever known.  Among his arsenal is an extreme killing machine known as Supercillin™. As the most feared foe of the germ world, Supercillin™ has the killing power coverage equivalent to an army of antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, antiparasite drugs.

Supercillin™ is an incredible new development from a revolutionary information technology developed by the private humanitarian medical research group, ZAG. Supercillin™ programs your immune system to initiate a kill sequence that seeks and destroys every known pathogen that is attacking your body regardless of its location within the multiple realms of your body. You simply purchase Supercillin™ and receive a number of its Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™). Accessing these PAKs™ via your personal computer, smartphone or tablet allows your body to quantumly receive (upload) Supercillin™'s master programs. Unlike the chemical prescription antimicrobials which have a very narrow range of antimicrobial coverage, Supercillin™ consists of more than 200 bio-identical antivirals, antifungals, antibacterials and antiparasite drugs combined all acting on a quantum level to kill most common pathogenic viruses, bacteria, funguses and parasites without harming the host. Furthermore, Supercillin's programs restore the host’s biological terrain to make it uninhabitable to invading organism(s). As the most powerful killing machine ever developed against pathogenic germs, Supercillin™ is QuantumMAN™’s weapon of mass destruction against the world of disease.

Supercillin™ Addresses the Problem of Symbiotic Mutualism

Supercillin™'s extreme spectrum of antimicrobial coverage provides another important advantage over conventional antimicrobials:

There are a number of pathogenic creatures attacking the body that form a "symbiotic mutualism", a term used for two or more species having symbiotic living arrangements for the benefit of the partners. For example, a bacterium may provide food for a fungus and the fungus provides other nutrients and a house for the bacterium. Each, nevertheless, can live independent of the other if necessary. This understanding is important when targeting a critical infection that is attacking the body. Conventional prescription antibiotics can target a specific spectrum of bacteria. However, if there is not simultaneous coverage against the symbiotic fungus that nourishes the bacterial pathogen, resistance to treatment will occur. Often such relationships go undetected by the prescribing medical practitioner. If, by chance, the physician was aware and prescribed a separate antifungal along with an antibacterial for such a mutualism, the toxicity of the combination drug therapy would likely outweigh its benefits. Supercillin™'s extreme multi-species coverage without toxicity addresses this issue of mutualism and the biofilms that exist in the body thereby providing a superior approach to treating infections. Moreover, because of this phenomena in which research finds that fungus is nearly always present in this relationship, mostly in a stealth mode, it is emphasized that the St. Gallen Diet™ is VERY important to be compliant with. If not, then you are urged to utilize the Diet Repair™ offered so that the infection being treated doesn't linger and your recovery is speedy.

Summary of Supercillin™'s Benefits

  • No prescription necessary. No hassle in having to go to the doctor. Who feels like going to the doctor when they're sick and having to sit in the doctor's office with a bunch of sick people for an extended time? This scenario just makes matters worse due to the stress you're subjected to.

  • Quick Kill!

    • Ultimate convenience: just a download away to your personal computer, smartphone or tablet to immediately assist you. When you are not feeling good or have a sick child, you want fast action. Delay simply allows the infection to get a stronger hold on you. The sooner you begin treatment for an infection, the better off you are! Therefore, superior convenience translates into enhanced therapeutics.

    • Rapid onset of action: Works 100% faster than conventional drugs by uploading directives directly to your neural network. Oral prescription medication takes considerable time to be absorbed from the person's intestinal tract (and even that varies person to person) and into the blood stream before the medication obtains "therapeutical levels" in order to begin having an effect. Supercillin™ begins working within minutes of uploading the directives of its dose. Supercillin™ is even faster in onset of action than intravenously administered antimicrobials!

  • Shotgun coverage! More powerful against a wider array of germs than most prescription antimicrobials. Extreme antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic spectrum wrapped into one QuantumXtreme™ medicine eliminating guesswork and unnecessary laboratory testing. Addresses the problem of drug resistance that develops from undetected and untreated “symbiotic mutualism”.

  • Machine gun action! Each PAK™ repetitively fires hundreds of rounds of programs that repeat their directives multiple times daily over a 10 day period with no loss of firepower. With these repeater programs, one download is all that is needed for 10 days of therapeutic coverage. Eliminates the need to take multiple pill doses a day as called for by many prescription antimicrobials. Too often you just can't remember if and when your last dose was taken. If a dose or two of a drug gets missed, blood levels of the drug fall and its therapeutic effectiveness is compromised. Thus compliance is critical with prescription drugs especially the antimicrobial class. With Supercillin™ PAKs™, one download allows for a worry free administration of the programs which repeat their data multiple times a day through the entire 10 days with extreme precision. This is one of the many reasons Supercillin™ is vastly superior to the Big Pharma antimicrobials.

  • Thorough and methodic! Reinforces your body's biological terrain to make it uninhabitable for foreign intruders. This is one of the most important aspects of Supercillin™. Moreover, it directs your immune system to target specific organisms. This is not possible with prescription antimicrobials which, in fact, trash your biological terrain resulting in actual suppression of your immune system.

  • Works in stealth mode! Will not cause resistance to develop because it can't be seen by the organism due to the fact it does not work by chemical action or metabolic means. This is monumentally important because one of the major downfalls of prescription antimicrobials is how rapidly certain organisms have developed resistance to these drugs. For instance, drug resistance has become quite the nightmare in the fight against malaria using pharmaceutical drugs. (See our Malaria treatment section).

  • Discrete! Will not interfere with other medications or medical conditions. There is considerable drug-drug interactions with many prescription antimicrobials.

  • Locked and loaded! Having unlimited shelf life, Supercillin™ is always ready to go. All prescription drugs have expiration dates because they are chemicals subject to chemical instability and breakdown. Often, if an outdated prescription drug is taken, the results can be catastrophic for the patient. There is never that worry with PAKs™. Until a dose uploaded to your brain's neural network, it does not expire.

  • No collateral damage!

    • Does not disrupt intestinal flora but rather is programmed to promote its replenishment. Prescription antimicrobials are notorious for destroying the delicate ecological balance of the gut flora. Some people take probiotics containing several strains of beneficial bacteria in high concentrations in an attempt to counteract the gut flora destruction caused by prescription antimicrobials. However, the problem with probiotics is that they do not begin to adequately replace the numerous species of beneficial flora that get wiped out by the prescription drugs. Moreover, what about the beneficial fungus? Like the beneficial bacteria, there are beneficial fungal species that play just as an important role in the absorption of nutrients from your intestinal tract as do the beneficial bacteria. However, there are no commercial products offering replacement doses of the beneficial fungus for your gut flora. Supercillin™ overcomes this problem of dysbiosis (floral imbalance) by delivering programs that promote the restoration and propagation of all your gut flora. Therefore there is generally no need to take probiotics with Supercillin™ unless your gut has been literally sterilized of all its beneficial flora from long term use of prescription antimicrobials.

    • Non-toxic: This is a huge benefit of Supercillin™ because most drugs are toxic to some degree...the reason they have a restricted "prescription" status.

    • Non-allergenic: Even with "cillin" in its name, Supercillin™ in no way can elicit an allergic response no matter how allergic a person has become to certain prescription drugs. Many people have died due to allergic reactions to drugs. This simply can not happen with QuantumXtreme™ medicines.

    • No possibility of adverse side effects, even at high doses. In fact, you can increase the dose of Supercillin™ to any dose desired without the possibility of any adverse side effects. On the other hand, with the pharmaceutical antimircrobials, you will find that they exhibit increasing toxicity as you increase their dosage.

    • Safe for infants, the elderly and women who are pregnant. This is especially important because the inherent toxicity associated with the pharmaceutical antimicrobials limits their use in this higher risk category of patients who often are the most needy of such treatment. Supercillin™ offers these people total peace of mind knowing they have an extremely effective therapeutic agent without the risk of adverse side effects, even to a delicate fetus.

  • Repeater programming ensures consistent potency and duration of action.

  • Track Record! Clinically tested and proven. Supercillin™ has been extensively tested in wide variety of clinical infections with outstanding success!


"This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!
It works for me for sure, I have a very strong Herx reaction. (that is when the dying bacteria releases toxins). Whenever an antibiotic was affective I had this Herx reaction, what is not easy as it makes me wake up in the night several times, but it is the sign that the medicine is working. (it is not pleasant but necessary). I have very strong Herx reaction only from the dowloads, and my skin has improved even more. I am really so amazed and happy.
Thank you again, Kindest regards"

Sophie, Bahrain

"On Friday July 20th I ate a frozen Milky Way Bar after dinner. I felt a little pain and thought I damaged a filling. The pain was minor and I believed it would be ok the next day. Saturday morning I awoke with pain in my lower left tooth before my molar. The pain was about a 3-4 on a 10 scale and diminished after I took ibuprofen and applied Anbesol. After dinner the pain had increased to a 7-8 level and was not responding to ibuprofen and Anbesol. I tried salt water, mouthwash, Tylenol, Zaxis PAKs and baking soda with no relief. I went online and saw cold water as a remedy, and it worked. The only problem was that it only lasted about 30 seconds before the pain returned. I was up all night drinking and swishing cold water on my tooth. Sunday morning arrived and the pain was still there and had gotten worse, about a 9-10 level. I Googled an emergency dental clinic and made an appointment for 10 am. I waited for over 4 hour for my turn to see the dentist. The 2 people before me had come in for filling work but needed to do root canals thus pushing my appointment back a few hours. I did my x-rays and exam and was told I too needed to do a root canal or have an extraction. They highly recommended a root canal and informed me that they had performed over 6,500 root canals and they were very experienced. I asked if antibiotics would help but they said that I had an abscess and the abscess had formed a protective wall around the infected gum. Antibiotics would not be effective in penetrating the abscess. Even though I was in pain I declined and told them I would seek a 2nd opinion and went home. In the evening my pain was now a 10 and accompanied with throbbing. The cold water was inadequate so I graduated to a large glass of ice filled with cold water. This new procedure gave me only 5 to 10 seconds of relief. I contacted Quantummansite and asked for help. They recommended 20 doses of Supercillin and it would take about 7 to 8 hours to show signs of relief. Once again I was up all night drinking ice cold water and swishing it around my tooth. About 6 hours after taking the Supercillin the pain got worse. It now felt like there was a lot of pressure building up and the ice cold water need to be applied constantly. I called the emergency number for a dentist and waited an hour early in the parking lot. While waiting I called other dentists to see if they could take me sooner. If I could save 15 minutes of pain I would go to see them. The pain was unbearable. Just then the dentist showed up earlier than expected and I was admitted. They took X-rays again and tested my tooth for pain. The recommendation was the same, root canal or extraction. At that time I noticed that my pain was gone, so I asked what they put in the little cup of water they gave me to rinse my mouth. They said it was nothing but plain water. I was in disbelief and so was the dentist, so he tested me again. He said it was impossible for my pain to disappear and he had never seen anything like this happen. I was amazed and looked at my watch, it was about 9 hours since I downloaded the Supercillin. I was cured just like Quantummansite said I would be. I was a very happy and exhausted guy who did not sleep for over 2 days. I downloaded some Sleepx and awoke about six hours later refreshed and full of energy."

Michael, Los Angeles

Typical Infections Treated with Supercillin™

The following is a partial listing of common infections easily treated with Supercillin™.

  • urinary tract infections
  • prostate infections
  • sinus infections
  • sore throat
  • lower respiratory infections
  • ear infections
  • gastrointestinal infections
  • flu syndrome
  • common cold
  • skin infections
  • oral infections

Save a Tooth

Dentists are all too eager to remove a tooth and perform an expensive root canal alleging that antibiotics will not clear the "wall-off" infection within the root of the tooth. That is true of prescription antibiotics but not true of the quantum extreme spectrum antimicrobial, Supercillin™. Several clinical trials performed by ZAG have proven that the intense use of Supercillin™ negates the need of a root canal. Root canals are to be avoided whenever possible as evidenced by numerous articles in the literature. The main reason for avoiding a root canal is because root canals, more often than not, result in an infection. The reason is because the roots are not fully sterilized and not 100% filled. This results in pockets of potentially harmful bacteria sealed into the tooth isolated from blood supply that fights the infection. Subsequently, root canals can become the source of chronic medical illness that's difficult to diagnose because dental X-rays are unable to see the infection within the tooth that's had a root canal performed.

Whenever you are suffering acute pain due to a tooth or gum infection, don't rush to have that tooth removed until you have tried Supercillin™ for at least 48 hours. Typically, with a significant gum or tooth infection, high doses of Supercillin™ are recommended for the fastest resolution of the infection. If you have tooth pain and it is severe, upload Supercillin™ twice a day (typically a minimum of 10 PAKs™ or more twice a day for 2-3 days) and expect each dose to peak in 24 hours as it attacks the infection. Remember to drinks lots of water and follow the St. Gallen Diet™.

Review this compelling testimonial typical of the rapid results achieved with Supercillin™. Results will, of course, vary per individual. The faster you desire results, simply upload as much Supercillin™ as affordable beyond the 10 PAKs™ recommended above while remembering that satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Factors that Adversely Affect Your Immune System that May Require Higher Doses of Supercillin™

The following is a list of factors that adversely affect your immune system and biological terrain:

  • street drug use or substance abuse
  • currently taking or recently have taken prescription medication
  • diet consisting regularly of one or more of the following: sugar and sugar containing foods, sodas, junk food, bread, processed foods, fast foods, excessive fasting, starvation
  • experiencing stress
  • experiencing any negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, fear, low self esteem, timidness,
  • worry, hate, aggression, etc.
  • experiencing insomnia or sleep deprivation
  • typically drink less than 8 eight ounce glasses of water daily
  • suffer from one or more chronic illnesses (ex: diabetes, hypertension, asthma, etc)
  • do not exercise on a daily basis
  • smoke
  • drink alcohol
  • over 70 years old
  • hazardous job or hobby that exposes you to environmental pollution or chemicals
  • allergies
  • therapeutic failure with prescription antimicrobials.
  • history of frequent and/or long term antibiotic usage.
  • recent hospitalization
  • obesity
  • delayed in treating this infection for more than 7 days

Simply order online the optimum number of Supercillin™ PAK™ downloads to kill your particular infectious target(s). If you have two or more of the above factors that may be compromising your immune system, consider ordering a higher dose of Supercillin™. Following completion of placement of your order, your Supercillin™ downloads can be immediately downloaded to your personal computer, smartphone or tablet for your use. Order as many PAK™ downloads as necessary to take your target infection(s) out, while continuing your assault until the results you desire are obtained. It is very important to follow the St. Gallen Diet™ during treatment duration and to utilize the Diet Repair™ if dietary compliance has been compromised.

Hire QuantumMAN™ for his Supercillin™ weapon of mass germ destruction! QuantumMAN™ guarantees your satisfaction with Supercillin™ for 30 days from time of purchase or your money is refunded.

Don't delay! The world's most powerful broad spectrum antimicrobial is just a download away!

Dosing Guidelines
(each dose has 10 days duration of action)

To calculate the number of doses you require, use the follow subjective guidelines:

  1. If you believe the severity of your problem is a level 4 or less on a 10 scale of severity, upload 1 dose (or more) every 10 days as needed.
  2. If you believe the severity of your problem is a level 5-7 or less on a 10 scale of severity, order 2 doses (or more) every 10 days as needed.
  3. If you believe the severity of your problem is a level 8 or higher on a 10 scale of severity, order 3 doses (or more) every 10 days as needed.
  4. For every two factors listed above that may be compromising your immune system, then increase your dose of Supercillin by a minimum of 1 dose over the dose chosen by the severity level guidelines above. Example: if you have 6 factors listed above that adversely affect your immune system, increase your dose calculated based on severity by 3 doses.


  • If during treatment with Supercillin™ (ex, treating a parasite infection of your G.I. tract) you acquire a different infection (ex, a sore throat) you will require ordering additional doses of Supercillin™ to treat the newly acquired infection simultaneously.

  • If you have an urgent and/or serious situation or simply want faster results, you may download as many doses as money allows. Multiple doses of Supercillin™ provide an exponential increase in potency with no possibility of any adverse side effects, regardless of the dose.

  • Due to interference factors and/or extenuating circumstances such as non-compliance, prescription medications, inappropriate lifestyle, incompetent immune system, etc., you may require a second course of treatment to achieve the desired results. Moreover, many parasite infections require a second treatment due to the fact that parasite eggs are often immune to treatment. A person has to wait for them to hatch (incubation period) in order to treat them once again. Length of incubation periods vary among the different parasites.

  • Click here to apply for financial assistance for Supercillin™. With financial assistance approval, cost is prorated based on ability to pay.

  • Important! While using Supercillin™, discontinue any drugs that you are taking that:
    • modulate the immune system.
    • has one or more side-effects that match the symptom(s) you are suffering from.
    • has a side-effect name that ends in "itis".
    • has a side-effect of causing an infection.
    These drugs may be contributing to your condition and/or may hinder your recovery. Consult your pharmacist or drug insert.


Supercillin™ costs $10 USD per dose (via one "Portal Access Key™" each of 10-day duration of action).

NOTE: When using Supercillin it is strongly recommended you follow the St. Gallen Diet™. Preview the St. Gallen Diet™ now. Preview Supercillin™ instructions now.


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Beware of imposters. Only Portal Access Keys™ (PAKs™) uploaded directly from this site ( are genuine and effective.

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