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Zurich Alpine Group Emerges as World Leader in Quantum Computing

The Zürich Alpine Group (ZAG) is a private humanitarian medical research group of scientists and physicians working cooperatively and quietly around the world in the quest to improve the quality, efficacy and costs of medical care. Working with those goals in mind, the group has developed a radical new quantum information technology derived from its discoveries utilizing quantum physics that has thrust it into global leadership in quantum computing. This technology offers solutions to previously insurmountable medical without the slightest possibility of adverse side effects from treatment. The team at ZAG has long understood the toll the drug industry has taken on the populace as it treats medical issues symptomatically with a chemical based approach. However, the universe including the human body and conditions that afflict it all operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Chemical based treatment systems do not operate according to those principles and, as such, are not compatible with the human host as evidenced by their toxicity. ZAG understands that quantum problems require a quantum solution and has found a way to transfer bioinformation from its quantum computer via quantum teleportation to the brain, also a quantum computer, to reprogram the brain to effect positive medical changes within the body and mind. These technological advancements have thus given birth to the world's first downloadable medicines.

Flying Below the Radar

For several years, ZAG has quietly conducted clinical trials around the world testing its new developments for efficacy and safety. ZAG has shunned reporting its research and trials in the traditional medical literature because it believes this venue is heavily influenced by Big Pharma and politics. Finally, after years of testing, it has decided to arrange the creation of a web presence as the venue for the presentation of its numerous products developed from its technology. Through private licensing agreements, is one of the first domains for that web presence. offers a modest array of ZAG's products that provide cures, preventions and solutions for a number of serious global health menaces.

ZAG's Global Mission Revealed

Since ZAG is strictly humanitarian in its global agenda, all proceeds received from the sales of its products on QuantumMANsite will be channeled to its private charitable foundation to fund further research and development of its new products with a significant portion of its proceeds aimed at improving medical care in developing countries. It is ZAG's mission to improve the quality of life on Earth by replacing its toxic health care system with an entirely new quantum approach. Mankind is always slow to accept change especially those industries threatened by such change. However, this is the dawn of a new era...that of quantum downloadable medicine whose time has finally come. May the world enjoy!

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